Monday, December 29, 2008

Heard Earlier Today....

A conversation that took place not too many minutes ago... Thought I better document this. If not for anything else, than perhaps to remind me of things to improve on next year!

Date: December 29th, 2008
Four Days After The Big Day....

Jake: Uh, Mom, did we leave cookies and milk out for Santa?

Me (aka Mrs. Clause): Yep! You Bet!

Jake: I don't remember seeing them!

Me: Well, I know, because I put them out!


Reality Check:

Well, I did make cookies on Christmas Eve.

And I did eat cookies on Christmas Eve.

And I am 'Santa's little helper' when it comes to putting out the Santa gifts, and stuffing the stockings... I am the last one to bed, hombre.

Which is why I always have bags under my eyes on Christmas Day... And why I always want to stay in bed Christmas Morning! Not a good photo-op for me.

Therefore, Santa did get cookies and a nice beverage (perhaps not milk, but something tasty!)

ps. I had the same conversation with Sami on the 26th. She's a little faster on the uptake.


Suzanne C said...

Love that conversation! I have had those before. :) This year the youngest remembered and they all put out cookies. :)

Guy Magallanes said...

Hey Cousin, your posts are awesome, I loved what you shared about Dick creating a map that had to be desciphered by Jake, I loved seeing all that, and by the way, don't worry about the luggage under your eyes, the pix of you show just how happy and joyful you are. You just shine all the way through, that's what I see anyway.
BTW Paul ate most of the cookies here...

noble pig said...

I got my kids out of bed on Christmas EVE to put out the cookies just to avoid these conversations! I hope Santa and the reindeer enjoyed their treat.

Arlene said...

We had a conversation earlier in the year with my granddaughter who knew somehting was up on the Santa coming down the chimney because we don't have a chimney.

I like the little story that works its way around the world about the little girl who runs to grandma's house because big sister told her Santa doesn't exist. Grandma and girl go to a store ($20 could buy a coat) and puts $10 down to pay for a coat for a boy at school who has none. They wrap it, take it, girl runs to door, puts package down (tag says from Santa), rings bell, runs to hide in bushes with grandma, sees boy pick up package - grandma says, see there is a Santa. Wonderful story. I told it to my granddaughter who loved it. So when it's time, that's a cool way to show there is a Santa. :))

Sweet Blessings said...

What a great conversation to makes me laugh...your babies are growing up WAY TO FAST! Hope you are having a great Tuesday...and that the weather coooperates so you get some time to just "be"!!! Sweet blessings!

Tami B. said...

At 13, mine didn't even ask about it this year and didn't put out the cookies either. He did still write a letter, though. You betcha Mrs. Claus had a few cookies here, though.

glitzen said...

So cute! Now I want cookies. :)