Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!! See ya, 2008!

Thank Goodness it's January 1st!

Let me tell you, I held the door wide open so 2008 could hit the high road!

So, last night we attempted to stay up late. I was the first Indian out at 10 pm. Dick was 2nd. Then Sami, then Jake. How do I know all of this, since I was the first one out?

Well, let me tell you! EVERYONE is sleeping in the same room! One big slumber party during Christmas Break, and everytime another person comes into the room, the lights go on and there seems to be some sort of room chatter. Ai Carumba! I do not sleep pretty when my rest is interrupted. Whole lot of ugly going on right now!

So, Jake, who was the last, and has a habit of being very focal and loud... came into the room, and he kept saying things like 'I dont' want to go to bed', 'I want to stay up'!

No one was holding him down, mind you. It was each man for themselves last night.

Then, about 2am I heard Jake again, loudly, IT'S PAST MIDNIGHT! WAY PAST MIDNIGHT! I MISSED IT! And then he started crying... uh oh. Poor little guy!

(BTW, Sami came to her sleeping bag bed with an alarm. It went off at 10 til midnight but she did not get up. So I turned it off... Perhaps I should have just woken everyone right then! Looking back at how the day progressed and all ... )

I swear I just dosed off, and then... Dick's alarm started going off at 4am and every 15 minutes.. you know the drill.

So each time it went off, Jake would wake, and remember what happened the night before, and more loud talk and crying...

I could not stand it anymore! So I got up.

Then Dick got up.

And we consulted.

Then, we woke the kids up. And told them it was New Years and time to Bang Pots and Pans!! (We were very very loud!)

We turned on the TV to the programs I pre-recorded (( really really thought I was being smart! But did you know they were only 1 hour? Instead of 2???? CRUD, we missed the Ball Drop!)..

We said 'uh oh' after realizing we did not get the Ball Drop..

So, we went to the Computer.

Pulled up a U-Tube video of the drop.

And brought in the New Year with banging pots and pans, followed by sour dough pancakes and a days worth of grumpyness...


I am so looking forward to 2009!


Kelly Booth said...

Too funny....
I was one of those that was a sleep by 10:30!!!

Guy Magallanes said...

You are too too much! One after another, you have a great perspective, are you sure we're related? by the way the work verification today is "pooliker" what's up with that?

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Andi, sometimes you just can't win :) I went to a party with DS, but came home before midnight so DH wasn't alone - he has a broken ankle!! May 2009 be a much better year, for all of us!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Andi, it sounds great -- even when everything is going wrong -- because you are all in it together!

Debra Day said...

Poor Jake, better luck next year little guy. Next time put Sami's alarm clock inside her ear muffs! Sourdough pancakes?? Humm, I'm thinking recipe swap. I have a nice recipe for Flannel cakes. (not funnel, Flannel) with a yummy pecan honey butter sauce that I'll trade with ya. Happy 2009 for SURE. I kicked 2008 to the curb real quick.

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy New Year sweet girl...I am so laughing at your rendition of your New Years Eve!!! But, you are an amazing Mom to try & record the big event...and then to wake up the kids & let them clang their pots & pans!!!

Hey, I also wanted to tell you to click on Lindsay on my blog...and check hers out....I know you will LOVE her husband is a cattleman too...Us wives need to stick together you know :D

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog..I am totally blessed to have the opportunity to know you!

Hope the 2nd day of 2009 is free of grumpies..and any "Cow" work!!! Sweet blessings!

Lauren said...

LOL.. you write the funniest posts! And banging pots and pans sounds like great fun! :)