Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Was HOW Cold?????? Minus 17???

The Result of Our Snow Storms - Friday through Monday
Not counting the stuff that melted or fell through the table top!
The table is one of those metal wire ones so it has openings

This is what COLD looks like!
I am standing on the front steps
It is spectacular... I'll take the sun no matter the temp!
Just give me my sunshine
(see the moon up in the sky?)

Looking to the left on the front steps
Gorgeous stuff that cold snappy snow!

OH Boy is it cold here!!!

This morning when I looked at the thermometer at 4am it said minus 10. Apparently it does not go farther below because my husband said his truck thermometer said MINUS 17 at 7 am!!!
It's 2:17pm right now and the computer temp says it is 8 degrees in Baker.. Which is 500 feet below us... hmm... balmy.


This is how cold it is:
  • There was frost on the inside of the sliding glass door - in our bedroom
  • I found 21 chicken eggs frozen and cracked - as in busted open! And they are in a chicken house
  • The chicks water in the barn was frozen
  • Cuddle Bug (the puppy) looked like the abominable snow dog this morning at 6:30 am. He had frozen eyelashes and whiskers and decided to stay in the garage most the morning!
  • I have broken ice twice today (critter water)
  • I am inside the house and got my thermals on under my clothes!
  • My cheeks are burnin' (face that is!) from being outside!!!
Just thought I would share!

But like I said.. At least the sun is shining! And the ski's are clear!!!

More snow arrives on Thursday...


Lauren said...

Holy stinkin brrrrrrrr!!!! It was -17 overnight Sunday-Monday and then it never got above zero yesterday. Today it reached a balmy 20!!! Yipeee! :)

Absolutely STUNNING landscape! Sigh....

Julie said...

Oh my that's cold. Love the pics.

Kelly Booth said...

Beautiful Photos andi...
I'm glad I can look without having to be in it!!!
Stay warm....

Alli Miles said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr that IS cold!

*karendianne. said...

I'm thinkin' I'll just stay here in Florida. Nothin' personal mind you. ;)

Suzanne C said...

Okay... Will keep this in mind when I complain about how cold we are. Nothing compared to that. I think you need a little plastic covering on that glass door in your bedroom. :)

Kerilou said...

You don't know how this makes me shiver!! I can relate, we have been down to minus 10 already, and that is unusual for before Christmas. Here, I have two things that tell me how cold it is:
Their is no air in the cylinder on the storm door, so when it is cold, it just snaps shut instead of slowly closing...
The screws on the lightswitch/outlet faceplates are frosted over.
We have had a ton of snow, too! Three more storms forecasted for the next week!!
Stay warm!!

Sweet Blessings said...

Sweet girl, you are so NOT alone...I too have frosted windoews...carefully painted by Jack Frost :D..And, as for the ice breaking...well, lets just say the Mr. & I spent (my SNOW Day :D) getting frozen water tanks running...and those cows...they didn't even seem thankful..ha, ha!!! Praying you find warm moments inside to carry you through those cold moments outside! Sweet blessings!

P.S. The pictures totally are beautiful!!!

sideoats + scribbles said...

Oh Andi! I LOVE those pics!!! I was born in Ohio and I truly miss snow -- although I've sorta turned Texan and I could do without the cold. Can I have snow without the cold? Ha ha ha!

Love "snappy" snow too -- especially when it makes that crunching sound under your feet. There's just nothing like it!

Love the mooon, too!

Penny said...

It looks so beautiful! You have such diverse weather there but the landscape is always very stunning.

Sami is looking very grown-up in your last post by the way!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas :)

Dawn said...

Okay, I just felt a breeze of cold air come into the house from the pc, it's so cold we can feel it!

ackkk...stay warm =)

Natural Beef said...

I would advise covering your face when you're out in such cold weather. I wind-burned my face last weekend from the cold and now it's peeling like a sunburn.