Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a Quickie!!!

Hello friends!

It's 5:30 am... And I have already...
  • Printed my resume to drop it off with a job application today
  • Printed some special forms for a class I am taking today
  • Started coffee, cleaned the kitchen and snuck oh, 2 stretches in
  • Snuck in a couple emails/blog posts/blog surfs
  • Got the wood stove started
Lots going on!

Tomorrow is my last day at the job that just was not a good match! I was working for a financial planner. I thought it would be a slam dunk! I have a minor in Math, my dad was a CPA, and I was hired to do event planning and marketing ....things I am good at! Yet, the 'other duties as assigned' totally outweighed the job for which I was hired. Live and Learn.

The day I gave my notice, within an hour, I was offered a teaching job. Scrap booking and crafs. I am thinking about it. It would be very part time... As in a hobby gig...

Another job is available in the little town 7 miles from my casa! I would work for the very same people I facilitated a public meeting for! Hmmmm....

And, I am attending a day long Marketing class today.. My love! Next to Writing..

I have more goodies to share!

OK.. other than that... It snowed most of yesterday... Yet, too warm to stick.... It's 31 degrees right now... Please bring spring!

Gotta Run!

Just wanted to say howdy!


Tami B. said...

You have lots of irons in the fire. I hope you get a good gig out of the choices.

Sweet Blessings said...

Praying things go in just the right direction for you!!! You are one talented girl...and I just know you will be a great addition to any place you go! Sweet blessings!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Good luck! :-)

Stamping Cafe said...

Good luck, Andi! I hope everything will go the right direction for you!!