Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Week In Review - (In Crazy Land!)

Practicing for the 4H Foods Breakfast Contest

Meet Litte June, Big June, Lola and Little Lola
A few Days of Prep....
In order to make sour dough pancakes for the 4H Foods contest,
we had to 'wake up' the starter dough 'hooch' that has been hiding in
the depths of the refrigerator.
Sour Dough pancakes are a winter thing here. And Dick is the chef.
The winter is the only time he has time!
So, my job, was to wake the girls (Lola, and Stella - who committed suicide, and now our newest batch - June). Stella's container broke during the wake-up call. So she got tossed.
So June was born. Now, that the contest is over, Lola and June have little clones
for 'emergencies'. No more suicides allowed.
Anway, for about a week, I had to feed them every 12 hours, and get pancake lessons underway!
All this for 4H...
Boy oh boy. What's worse? Feeding lambs or sourdough?
Both during one season is enough to drive you crazy!

At the 4H Foods Contest - Getting Grilled by the Judge
Sami and Jake had their first contest at 8am.
They cooked their breakfast - served it - cleaned up -
within the 2 hour time frame.
They were the most organized, most professional,
and most 'together' of all the contests...
Happy mommy, happy mommy, happy mommy.
Rumor has it.... They got Grand Champion!

Sami Later, at 1:00 pm - Doing the Make it With a Mix Contest
Here she is remaking her peanut butter chocolate bars!
These babies have been getting gobbled up each night
with ice-cream!
I have gained at least 5 lbs.
She rocked!!!!!!!!

Back To Breakfast - Lots of stuff here!
We only had 1 casualty.
One of my cowboy juice glasses got broken.
Oh well.
A great sacrifice.

My goofball family
Serious goofs. Enlarge the photo.
I dare you.
Jake is 'flipped over'.

Jake jammin' with some street musicians at the Pendleton
Farmer's Market

This past week was a doozy.

I left you one week ago with our Father's Day events. That was last Sunday!

On Monday:
We had to practice for all the 4H contests the kids were in. The kids had to make their breakast (sourdough pancakes, bacon, juice, strawberries) and set the table, and clean.

On Tuesday:
I woke at 4am. Helped Dick load chickens, and I left at 5am. With 25 chickens. I drove them to New Plymouth, Idaho, to get processed. Joy. Oh! Then I got to pickup 100 baby chicks in Caldwell, Idaho. They peeped the whole way home - 2 hours, in the cab of the pickup. I tried to share their songs with my sis on the phone but for some reason when I chatted, they got real peepless! Little stinkers. Got home in the afternoon. Started packing all the 4H boxes for the contests. Went back to town to get more supplies for the ranch and contests. Sami made her poster.

On Wednesday: This Was the Most Stressful Day of the Week!
Woke at 4 am. Again. Loaded up all the 4H boxes. Printed out recipes, did the cost conversions, etc. Got the kids up at 6am for chores. We hit the road at 7:15 am. First contest: 8 am until 10 am. 2nd contest: 11 am. Third contest: 1pm.

Let me tell you. Those kids did so so so good! They were so doggone tired after their breakfast (it was the hardest event) - that I had to sweet talk them into hanging in there - they were ready to call it quits! I told them the rest would be easy, and a trip to the park with fancy cold drinks sure helped!!!

We got home late. And we all took naps until 5pm!!!

My Town Day. And it just so happens I got a job offer!

Pendleton Market
And, I accepted the job!

La Grande Market

Yard Work.
4H Meeting.

And here I am!

I have lots and lots to share with you!

My new job... I will tell you about it in another post! The highlights are: I get to wear jeans, T-Shirts, order scrapbook supplies, teach crafty classes, and help the business grow.. Again, those are the highlights! OH! And my boss is just like me - she has a husband who thinks she is super woman, and she puts family and her kid's events first, and she is totally willing and understanding to work around my crazy schedule.. if it's a school event, ranch event, farmers market, or WHAT EVA... And I will be making more money than my last stuffy job!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!

And, starting tomorrow, I am also participating in a 5-Week Summer Stamp Star Design Challenge! Deets coming in another post!!!! Yippeee!!!!

Love ya.
Wish we could do lunch!

Can you tell I am loving life?????


Dawn said...

okay, does jake know how to play the GEEETARRR?? Coolness, and umm how are those peeps? Do they live outside or in, not sure I could handle the peep peep peep all day in the house..iyeee!

Guy Magallanes said...

I feel like I was there with you and the kidlets, except I didn't get to taste the sourdough pancakes.
Congrats on the job, passion always wins out - it sounds perfect for all of you.
Thanks for sharing

Sweet Blessings said...

You truly are Super Woman :D I'm already tired reading about your last week...Praying this one is a little calmer..and LOTS more fun :D Yeahhhh for your sweet kids and their success...Yeahhhh for you for being such a Great Mama...and Yeahhhhhh for your new job! It sounds PERFECT! So smiling for you...Have the BEST week...may it be filled to overflowing with many, many Sweet Blessings!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! What a week! My gracious! Sounds like the kidlets made Momma proud with their 4H contest performances! Woooo-hoooo! :-)