Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moxie Fab Let's Get Sassy - Taintor Tude Challenge!

This Little Anne Taintor Postcard Is On My Fridge
circa 2004
The back of the postcard says it was from Another Day in Paradise: 30 postcards!

Why do I love it so???
Most people try to figure which 'color' wine to pair with the main course.
Not this ranch wife sister!
Nope.. Her main course is the sauce!

Love me some Taintor.
Especially with cows in the background, and an apron!
(Aprons are another of my addictions - they keep my shirts stain free!)

So, when I read about the Moxie Fab 'Let's Get Sassy Taintor Tude' challenge,
I had to jump on board!
Just had to..

My Taintor Style Card
Graphic 45 Domestic Goddess (but of course!)
(three different papers used - cut and paste!)
SU Cardstock
And, my Dymo lettering tag maker!

Oh don't ya just love some sass?
Be sure to get your full by visiting the Moxie Fab Blog site.. here's the link to all sorts of delicious sassy sayings! I'm sure you will find a favorite, or two.. And be sure to check out the entries..

And, if my son's teacher is reading this, please forgive me!! (My son graduated from a 6 week DARE workshop with his 5th grade class earlier this month!)

The current Moxie Fab challenge is to get sassy - Taintor style!

Thanks for looking and hopefully, laughing:)


Suzanne C said...

LOL! Perfect Andi especially with the days you have! You are always running at full speed and could use a slow down. :)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Love your take on this, Andy! (Yes, let's hope the teacher's not looking today:)

Elise said...

I AM laughing {and CRYING - 'cause you slay me, girl!} THIS has got to be one of my all-time favorite cards, EVAAAAAA! So sassy, so cute, so retro, so shabby, funny, fun, classic and YOU! Great job, darlin'!

Laura O'Donnell said...

love it!

Kelly Booth said...

SO Cute!!!! Love this Andi!!

Virginia L. said...

Oh....Ihow I love these, Andi!! GREAT take on the challenge! LOVEW, love this! Wish I had this on my fridge (LOL)!

charli said...

cute take on this card and the domestic goddess part is too appropriate!

stampmonkey said...

That IS a sassy card! lol Very country, homespun feel (except for the sassy part -lol). Love it!

ps...thanks for the birthday wishes earlier this week! ;)

sandee said...

Great card and super Taintor-tude!!

Sweet Blessings said...

You just make me smile! Thanks for sharing your fun! Sweet blessings!

Sue McGettigan said...

Heh heh, I love those cards - yours is fab Andi :)

dustypenny said...

Fun cards, Andi! I'm also enjoying your 365 photos!

Patty said...

OMG! These are so fantastic!

Julia Aston said...

Great card! love the colors and fun image!

Cath said...

Hey Andi! Thanks for entering the Taintor-tude Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)