Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 365 - The Random Approach - Day 27

Day 27 - My Favorite Birch Tree
Love that fog in the background!
And the wheel line.
See it?
In the back?
Or the mountains?
What about all those critter prints in the snow?

Here is a photo from yesterday.. (day 27)..

This is my favorite tree.

I love it in the spring. When new leaves are bursting through.

I love it in the Fall. When the colors spark and change. Gorgeous.

I love it in the Summer. When I am on the mower, navigating under it, and the branches brush gently over my back. Or, if I'm going too fast, the occasional to the face 'wack'.

I love it in the Winter. That's when the white bark get's more of my respect. and those itty bitty leaf buds, that whisper 'we'll be back'!

I love it, all.


Jacqueline said...

Love this post Andy - yes I would be attached to that tree too!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! We have a tree like that in our yard, too. It is a mulberry tree. The birds love it, because it provides lots of cover, yet also lots of places to sit. It has interesting bark and we love to watch it as the seasons change.

Suzanne C said...

Gorgeous tree! I can see why you love it!

Kelly Booth said...

A Great Photo Andi...Love this!

Diana said...

This is beautiful Andi. Enjoying your blog so much!

Sweet Blessings said...

A great tree to be your guide through all the seasons! Sweet blessings!