Friday, February 19, 2010

Cards for Kids - Round 2

There are some special young people and their families that could use some extra love and sweet greetings from any of you that are card makers.

Their siblings can also use some cards, these are the guys who often get 'lost' in the shuffle, as well as their parents, the ones trying to keep it all together - trying to attempt normal. They can all use some extra sunshine. Just to cheer them up, and let them know we are thinking of them and sending hugs, well wishes and a little extra burst of sunshine to brighten their day.

To learn more about them, and how you can join the generous community of ladies/men that are making the cards (simple and easy is good!) please go to Jennifer McGuire's site here: Cards for Kids

Tell her Andi sent you...

And, thank you Jennifer for including Karli!

Now, let's spread some sunshine!!!!

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an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Andi: Will go to visit. Thanks for the link. It might just give me the incentive to take some time to get back into crafting, but then ugh! I need to clean up that craft room!!