Thursday, February 18, 2010

Googling God - The Busted Halo

I am a Catholic - with a busted halo.

I am a Catholic who does not go to church, whose children are baptized but not confirmed, and a Catholic who prays daily. I tend to keep to myself. I talk to God by myself.

And, I have been pondering Lent.

And the answer came to me, via my friend Sue.

She had a great link to a great site. It's called Busted Halo. And boy - are they speaking my language!

This is what I will be doing during Lent. Visiting this site daily. And attempting to Fast, Pray, and Give during this Lenten Season.

Just thought I would chat about it!


Lauren said...

An interesting looking site. I just glanced at it, since I'm at work (government office, I have to be careful about religious stuff). I'll have to check it out more later.

We went to dinner last night and the gal who served us had ashes on her head. I was completely surprised and then remembered it must be ash wednesday. I was raised Catholic and although I had a "falling out" with the Catholic church after my cousin committed suicide, I pray daily and have found a non-demoninational christian church that I love.

All this to say, it's nice that you are willing to share who you really are with us! **hugs and god bless*

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Andi: wishing you a....lent. Don't know what to fill in there. My mom's family was Catholic, until she married my dad, whose family was on their way to being Mennonite. That's how I was a rasied, A Mexican, city-girl Mennonite. Now I'm Jewish and live in small western town. Life is funny, no? And yes, thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

Great thoughts during the lenten season. Thanks for sharing Andi!

Sweet Blessings said...

Praying God speaks to your heart in great ways during Lent! Sweet blessings!

Elise said...

Okay, REALLY! Really? I thought I already left a comment, but WOOPSIE! I'm not seeing it {doh!} ! This was such a darling share - seriously, cute girl. You are so wonderful, I just want to hold you! You are a love!

God LOVES you, too! That's one thing I KNOW! - with or without Lent!