Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Project 365 Randomness

Happy Day of Kindness, Love and Sweet Things!

Just a few photos from the breakfast table before everyone sat down then went off in different directions! Sami's breakfast is actually in the fridge. She got up, left everything on the table , and went to help her dad feed. She doesn't like to miss out on the action!

Jake, he clipped his V. Day helium balloon to his hair and walked around like that for a while. Goofball.

Me? Things to do!

The Valentine's List
  • Crab is defrosting (purchased in Jan. from the Crab Man.. some guy who shows up annually with ice chests full of crabs, and other seafood from the coast
  • Rack of lamb also to defrost
  • Strawberries to dip in chocolate
  • Yet, got some household duties calling me!!!!

The Reality List
  • Discovered a leak under the laundry room sink - innocently went to get cleaning supplies from under the sink and saw the mess.. RATS. Cleared everything out. Need Mr. Plumber to come home and fix it...
  • Cant' stand the site of the dog kennels... Chatted with darling daughter about proper animal care a few days ago. But, I'm going to go out and do some cleaning!
  • Did Deliveries yesterday. Gotta enter data
  • Still in my jammies!
Gotta get moving!
Have a great day everyone:)


Diana said...

OK, love the Valentine list versus the reality list. Such a PERFECT view of daily life in a family. Thanks for sharing!

DominoDebi said...

Now, I like that Valentine's breakfast you've set up there! And reality v. wish list is SO where I am, too.... xox, Deborah

Tami B. said...

Oh how I love the dichotomy of your lists. My days feel like that, the fun list and the chore list. Happy Valentine's week.

Kelly Booth said...

LOVE the Photo's Andi....Thanks for Sharing!! Hope you had a Wonderful Day!

Karen said...

Awww...what a sweet Mama! I like your Valentine's breakfasts. And your goofball son sounds like me at Christmas....only I wore every ribbon and bow, on my head, around my neck, and my wrist! And what a great girl you've got to head straight out and help her Dad...that's something to be proud of! I love that the kids like to help so much when Hubby's tools come out! Ask them to clean up toys and yes, it can be another story. But, for special projects around the house...they are all over it!

Hope your week is going well, you're staying warm (its been really warm here this week.....are you still knee deep in snow?), and you get some inky fun in! :>