Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Mind's Eye - Challenge #17 - Sketch & 'Lessons Learned' Theme

The challenge this month at the My Mind's Eye blog is to follow a sketch, and use the theme 'lessons learned'.

Sketch for Challenge 17 My Mind's Eye Blog
View One - Showing you some of the gorgeous MME elements I used

View 2:  More Elements and a peek at my hidden journaling

View 3 - My accordion style hidden journaling

My Interpretation of the Sketch

Products Used:  MME: Lost and Found Union Square designer papers, 'moments' buttons, 'favorite' brads, 'Beautiful Day' Trims - twine, and die cut accessories.  I also used Cosmo Cricket tiny type letters.  And, my journaling was written in word, printed out on regular paper, and distressed with Ranger Distress ink and adhered to one of the Union Square designer papers. 
To see the challenge and other entries, go here:  My Mind's Eye Blog . I just have to say, I really enjoy this blog!  Such great 'life' stories are being shared through scrapbooking.  And that is what it's all about!  

Here is my hidden journaling:
Dorothy had it right.  There’s no place like home.  I found that out when I ‘went home’ after 20 something years to help celebrate the life of one of our own. A bittersweet reunion, you might say.
This group of friends, ‘Our Gang’, as we call ourselves, has known each other for decades.  We tore up the town when we were in High School and in our early 20’s.  We caused a lot of mischief and ironically we would be appalled if our children ever walked in our footsteps!  Gradually we went our own ways – college, other towns, other States, other lives, and new families.  And here we are, 25 years later. Still the same.  Still caring for one another.  Still there for each other.  And still, family. 
What lessons have I learned?  I learned that my heart can still skip a beat when I am in the same room with some of ‘our boys’.  I found out that my BFF, will always be my BFF, and through all the curve balls we have been thrown, we will always love each other.  I found out, that I can be myself, in my own skin, and love it, and this group just accepts me for who I am.  And, I found out, that no matter what happens in my own personal life, no matter how far removed from ‘our home’, this group of special friends, will always be there to celebrate life, as we each choose to live it.    Andi.  November 18, 2010. 

Getting personal - more on the layout story... Last month one of our friends passed away from pancreatic cancer.  We all knew she was ill, and had planned a get-together to celebrate with her, the last weekend of October.  She wanted to celebrate in Half Moon Bay, CA, which is 'over the hill' from where we all grew up in San Carlos, CA.  We planned this for about a month, and that very week, on Wednesday, our good friend Judy passed away.  Those of us that could, still stuck with the plan to celebrate.  And, I am so glad we did.  It was a very emotional weekend - most of my friends are avid SF Giants Fans, and the world series was going on as well!   I flew down from Oregon, and another one of our friends flew in from Washington.  And, I landed in Sacramento and stayed with and carpooled with my BFF Erin whom I have known since I was my daughter's age!  12!!!!   We were maids of honor for each other's weddings. 
Anyway, this last month has been very emotional for me.  I got to catch up with great friends, see my BFF and say goodbye to one of our own.  You know, we miss so many opportunities to just be with the people we grew up with - the people that really know us - because of our own individual lives. And you know what?  Life is short.  Take those opportunities.  You will be so glad you did!
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Karen said...

That is a fantastic layout, Andi! I recognize those pics was fun to see you obviously in your element, with that element being your gang, your friends. I do know what peeps like that are like and feel fortunate to have some in my life still. How hard it must have been to say good-bye to one of your own. Thanks for sharing with us & for the life worth truly living & embracing reminder.

Arlene said...

Your note will last a long time and your memories will be revived whenever you look at this layout What a fantastic layout and memory spot.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Suzanne C said...

WOW! That layout is stunning. Gorgeous and the journalling is beautiful! Love the stories that you shared.

Samantha T. said...

What a beautiful layout and fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Andy, you not only have a gift for scrapbooking (this layout is just beautifully created), but you have quite the talen for writing as well and really taking your readers along on your journey:)

Lauren said...

This truly is bittersweet. But life truly is a circle. And what better way to remember one then celebrate them!

When my grandpa passed away last year it really helped me dad to have his 'grandson' (really my cousin's kid... but he calls my dad Papa (for gpa)) at the age of 3 running around at the wake and be silly and getting people to laugh as only kids can during those hard times.

Anywho... beautiful layout and thanks for sharing this part of yourself!

Tami B. said...

Big hugs to you, Andi. Life is so short and precious. Thank you for sharing from the heart.

Arlene said...


CONGRATULATIONS on your Hero Arts win!

WINNER - Hero Arts is giving you a random blinkie prize. You win an assortment of Hero Arts stamps!!!

Elise said...

This is SO sweet and important, Andi. What FANTASTIC journaling and incredibly moving share you have GENEROUSLY tossed out here for the rest of us to be AMAZED by! Thank you SO much! Your L/O is superb! It's the perfect canvas for your incredible story and beautiful pictures, my dear. I'm SO sorry you lost your friend. Such a BETTER journey, she must have had, though, counting YOU as one of her friends! I hope excellent scrapping and YOUR dear family will ease the pain of your loss. Bless you, friend: I'm hugging you in my heart!