Thursday, December 12, 2013

DD #12 Thursday

Today is Thursday... I am falling behind on my December Daily!

Kids are grumpy this am.
Sami wanted to be woken up early so she could curl her hair. I didn't wake her until 6am.  And boy is she grouchy.  She should have gotten up at 5:30am.

Jake is in the shower.  He complained about it being cold.  Heck!  This is the warmest it's been in a week!

 I almost left without them yesterday.  Too much sass.  Jake was asked to go start the car.  It took him forever to get out the door.  Hello!  The idea is to let it run so it warms up while we are puttering around!  I'll try again today. And see if he can figure out the defrost - turn fan on, turn up temp.  Sami doesn't like to get out of bed until the last minute and then makes us wait while she is putting on her makeup.  Me?  I get irritated.  Count.  Breath. Thank God I have two kids that can do these things, unless those who are unhealthy or taking their last breath or have left this planet. Blessings.....

Rosie the kittie was hiding most of the night because of the ceiling fans.  She hates them.  She then found me in bed, and stuck to me like glue. At 5:00 am she did her usual 'slap face' game.  My fury alarm clock.

The weather?  16 degrees. Should be another snappy brisk day.

Right now there are tons of annoying pop up ads on my computer thanks to Sami.  She downloaded some crap and it is infesting my computer.  Things like 'update needed' bla bla bla.  I am not falling for it.  She is in for it.

13 Days until Christmas!!!!!  Crazy, eh?
I better get things wrapped and mailed this weekend.
I keep taking my Christmas Cards to work.. and they keep coming home.

Grapefruit season!

1/2 box of grapefruit and 1/2 box of oranges.  should last us until late January.  It's our breakfast starter

2 weeks until Christmas!  (Well, yesterday there was!)

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