Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DD #9 & #10: Monday & Tuesday

It's a bit warmer now.  Right now it's 18 degrees in Haines, at 8:00 pm.  We will take it!

I did not post last night.  I actually stayed over in La Grande: My work team went out to shop for our family (gifts) and then we went out to dinner, and I had a 7am meeting this morning, so, I stayed over.

Had GREAT news yesterday.  The three grants that I authored last month, with the crazy November 22nd deadline, all got funded at some level!  Yahoo!  Brought in about $450,000 to my company.  Yep.  $350,000 on one grant (asked for around $380,000), $78,000 on another (asked for $100,000) and $5,000 on the third (fully funded).  We still have others we are waiting to hear on.

So, been on cloud 9.

And, one of the grants is for my emergency preparedness program.  I get to to to Atlanta, Georgia for a conference!  Woo hoo! In April!  Should be wonderful!!!!!!   (The downside is Sami will be coming home from Greece, so I won't see her until after I get back). 

And, today our box of oranges and grapefruits arrived. It's a December tradition.  A fundraiser for work mate's kid's school.  Love them!

OK.. gotta run to the school and pick up Sami from basketball practice.

Dinner is leftover Grandma's chicken soup... yum!

(Written Tuesday night.. Posted Wed. morning)

The morning commute on Monday.  This is my view after coming down off the mountain.  Mt. Emily. La Grande is at the base of this baby.

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