Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DD # 18.... Wednesday... 7 More Days!!!!

Good morning......

I love this time of year.... I have the Christmas Tree lit morning and night.  Love those white lights and all the ornaments...

The little propane heater is kicking out heat and has the ambiance of a real fire - flames.

This Saturday will be the shortest day of the year.. and then?  Each day they will get longer until we have light again.  I think I'll keep my outdoor lights on until Groundhogs Day... the official 'I can See!' day.

We only have one present under the tree.  And it's not even a Christmas Present.  It's a birthday present for Sami.  My mom Pat cracks me up.  She sent the birthday gift, way ahead of schedule, but not Christmas.  Sami is confused.  Well, so is Jake and so am I!

I can't see the moon this morning.  Too much fog.

Tonight I will wrap the out of town gifts and send them off tomorrow.  That is my plan!  I am surprised at how quick these days have all flown by.....

An antique ornament I bought last year

One of the mini trees.  Jake's room..

The Reason for the Season.  This sits right in front of the TV.  A reminder for all

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