Thursday, December 19, 2013

DD #19 Thursday

It smells like snow outside:)

The weather service has been threatening a big storm but it hasn't hit.. yet.

It would be 'real funny' if it hit tonight and stranded me elsewhere... I am actually meeting my Secret Santa in Pendleton tonight after work for dinner, an hour in the other direction!  He lives in Washington so we are meeting in the middle.  Yes, I am excited.  It's fun to feel like a kid.  The best part is he does too,  and shares that with me..  Not going to get ahead of myself, but well, it's working.

Kids?  Today is their Secret Santa day.  They wrapped their gifts last night.  Oh, and we ran out paper so today I will try and get my stuff together during lunch!  Yeah, last minute.

Colorado, Missouri, Washington and California.  Be on the Look Out!!!

Today's bit of fairy dust?  Left little sweet treats at the kitchen table with breakfast.  And right now Sami has Christmas Music playing on her Ipod nice and loud..

I have created a mini elf!  Love this....

Have a GREAT day! Only 6 more days!
Sneak Peak of the 2014 Calendar!  You have to rip it open right away!

The Hood!

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Karen said...

Hey Andi! Love your DD, blog style. I've never been able to get to and through one, scrappy style. So, this is great! :> You got some gorgeous photos of you and your kids (oh my goodness...I can't get over how big they are now!) and loved seeing them on FB. Bet it made for a great family calendar. Merry Christmas! :>