Sunday, December 8, 2013

DD#8: Sunday.. VERY COLD!

Um.. we woke to MINUS 17 degrees.. Holy crud that is cold.  So cold, I had the house heater set to 70 and it only got up to about 62 at 3 am. When I got up at 6 am I turned on the backup heaters, and actually did get the house up to 70, eventually around 11 or so.

I was prepared for this.  I had the heat tape plugged in (outside plug to tape around pipe nearest wall).
And, the faucets dripped all night.
And, I capped the outer faucet so it would not freeze up.

And, I made my Grandma's chicken soup.  Comfort food.  I actually started it instead of breakfast, because it was nice to heat up the house.  I also had the oven on warm for the heck of it.  And I was drinking a pot of coffee (I drank the whole thing by myself - a first) and needed something substantial in my stomach. 

Sundays are usually my 'alone' days.  Dick comes and gets the kids in the morning and I then go about my day doing the things I need to get caught up on, or spend time with friends, and I try to go to church.  Today was a church day.

When it was time to leave at 12:30 pm for church, my car had a moment.  The digital readout said 'test' and it did all sorts of weird things - in terms of the digital readings. So, I turned it off and on again.  I let it run for quite some time, and then hit the road.  Everything seemed just fine.

And, when I got home around 3:30 I then got ready to go catch the rest of my 49'rs WIN the game against the Seattle Seahawks!  YIPPEE!  I am surrounded by Seahawk fans and it was GREAT for my team to win! 

And that caps a Sunday.. Oh except for a story I have to share.
One of my girlfriends said 'a man' wanted to know if she could give him my phone number.
I called her to find out who, etc. etc.  Turns out he used to attend the same church.
So, I told her, if he came to church, then he could ask me himself (I might have been a little sassy about it).
Well, he showed up!

Here are photos from the day....
Inside of one of the windows

Morning view

Um.. yeah.. these are on my house

A different angle of my icicles

and a cozy little house in one of the trees

Prepping Grandma's Chicken Soup

My kitchen work area - Christmas Cards, and Grandma's Cookbook:)

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