Sunday, November 13, 2016

Super Moon Set - And Thoughts.

For some reason I popped out of bed around 4:30 am, went to start my dishes and coffee routine,  and while standing in front of the kitchen window, I saw the moon. There it was.  Just getting ready to set. I wish I could of captured the sight I saw in that perfect moment.  Right above the mountains, but here is what I was able to get.  I grabbed my camera and caught these few shots before it went to bed.  I felt lucky to start my day this way.  You can click on the photos to make them bigger.  I think my lense was fogging up from going from the nice warm house out into the 32 degree cold.

Thoughts on this week: 
The low lights: 
First there was the time change - which really messed me up - even though I am a morning person.  The only thing I can figure is I have this habit of waking around 2 or 3 am, and usually I go back to bed, and wake at 5.  This week? I just stayed up. I was off. Then the election results which truly were a shock.  Like an unexpected death.  This was followed by ugly words of others on social media, protests, fear and violence.  Then? The death of Leonard Cohen and his song Hallelujah played over and over, with the best (and very emotional) version being sung last night on Saturday Night Live (btw the Shrek version plays on repeat in my head).  

It didn't end there.  On Friday morning I contacted a local dealership via their website, even 'chatted' with someone about a car I wanted to test drive.  I never heard a word via the phone or email.  I am guessing I spoke with an autobot of some sort. But crap!  I filled out an inquiry sheet with all my info and sent it!  I feel like I am selling myself my own car with the effort I am taking versus the effort the salesmen are taking.  There are three cars that I 'see' between two dealerships.  Are they making the effort?  Hell no. This really pisses me off. I mean, the cars are in the 20 to 30 thousand range. Come on, put some work into this!  I feel like I just need to show up, ask for the keys, drive the car, and collect the commission myself.

And then.... I tried calling my mother, my birth mother, yesterday.  I called at a decent hour. Ten am.  Her birthday is Monday.  I sent two gifts to her, and I wanted to give her a heads up they were on their way, and personally wish her a happy birthday.  I left a message with her roommate.  I never heard back from her.  I am hoping it's because he forgot.  Not that she is blowing me off. This is that back and forth thing we do.  Its frustrating.  Its heart breaking (what she is enduring in this stage of her cancer).  I try to let it go. I try to be understanding and forgiving.  I do try.

And.... then?  My landlord texted last night.  Nice head's up, eh? Well, 4:30 pm.  He said he was coming over today, Sunday, at 8 am or 9 am to work on the eaves.  First.  Why the eaves?  Why not the electrical issue I reported months ago?  Or the roof that has about 10 or so missing shingles?  No Shit. Eaves.  He is coming today, on Sunday. My 'stay at home' in my jammies day.  Not any of my workdays, Monday through Friday when I am gone 12 hours of the day.  Pisses me off.  Only because I am very protective of my personal time. It's 8:30 am right now.  I am doing my own little protest.  I am still in my jammies and refuse to accommodate the poor planning of others.  

So that was the majority of the Super Moon shift. 

Now for the highlights:
My daughter sent a 'GUESS WHAT' text during the week.  It appears she has more scholarship money than she thought, and her expenses have been reduced dramatically.
Friday was a beautiful, warm, sunny, magnificent day.  I stayed home and worked in the yard.  Hallelujah. 
Saturday?  A little more sunshine and beauty.  A little more yard work and a whole lot of craft time and book time (A Man Called Ove).
This morning?  A very sweet love note from my man.  Very sweet!
And, an 'I love you' from my son on his way out the door at 7am.
And of course, that beautiful moon.  Just sitting there.  On top of the mountain ridge.  Before setting.

Sigh... Peace.  Peace to us all.

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