Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas Project - 50th Wedding Anniversary Album

View of 'The Inside' of a Project I am Working On!

The 6x6 Album Cover

First Page

A Sneak Peak at One of the Inside Pages

Another Sneak Peak at An Inside Page!

I'm working on a few of my Christmas Projects as time permits. There are only 8 weeks and 4 days until Christmas Eve... And, this is 'the time' to crank out the projects my crafty friends!

This project is a Western themed 50th Anniversary Album for my in laws. The Sexton family got together in late June for a beautiful tribute - Western style of course, for Hank (remember my Good Ol' Boys?) and Georgia's 50th. Wow. Can you imagine? I mean, really. Imagine being married to the same person for 1/2 a century! Amazing! A lot happens in 50 years! For one, your kids are nearly 50 (as well as their spouses!).

I am so excited about this little book... finally, a unique project that is special for my husband's family. I love doing these projects... definitely gets me into the Christmas Spirit - making someone's day, documenting why they are special in the lives of others, and perhaps giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Sandy said...

Wow, this is looking GREAT! Do they read your blog???? Eeeek, don't give away too much! :)

*karendianne. said...

Oh Andi this is so special. It gives me the chills to imagine they're expression when they receive it. The work you put into these scrapbooks - whew. What talent. Please remember to share with us how this goes over the holidays.

I'm starting to realize something. You must have lots of tools in order to do this. I'll bet scrapbooking isn't exactly a cheap hobby. Yeah, quilting isn't either but what's a girl to do?!

One day I'd love to see a posting with all the tools/implements of your craft. Yeah, really I want to see your hoard of stuff man. I want to see your joy behind the scenes.

Needy Cousin Love, *karendianne.

~Stacy said...

that is such a beautiful gift girl! :)
Ack! is that all the time thats left??? :)

Dawn said...

WOW, Andi, This looks great. Your off to a good start. I need to get on the ball. Only 8 more ..ahhhh

Michelle said...

Thank you for comment, and for visiting regularily. I have not read Watership Down, though I do have a copy of it on my book shelf!

What a great album! Surely an amazing present for the recipients!

Kerilou said...

THis is adorable! I see you are a fan of COsmo Cricket Wanted, too! I love that paper! Your in laws will love the album...You are so sweet! Keri

liannallama said...

what a wonderful gift this will be! Love your sneak peak!

Linda McClain said...

Wow, what a very special project. You will always be glad you did this.