Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chili Mama for a Day!

The big Haines Elementary Chili Feed, Raffle & Live Auction is tomorrow night ... finally!

Click Here to See Poster!

So, what's this all about you ask? Well, my friends... I am 'one of those moms' that helps at my kids school in the classroom and, um, I am active in our PTCO... aka begging for money for our school via fundraising..and events..

The Run Down: A few 'mom's of our itty bitty school (and spouses!) have been working for months to prep for tomorrow.. no kidding... Yours truly is the raffle & auction Chairman! Good thing I recruited a Co-Chair, or I would have had a nervous Type A breakdown.... we started in September...

Yesterday 'we' sold $802 in raffle tickets at our local Albertson's Grocery Store (uh, 17 miles away) in just 3 hours! HOT DOG! I mean, CHILI DOG! Our kids were awesome little salesmen.. some a little aggressive.. just like those big city car sales types... we had to ask most of the boys several times to 'stand back' from the doors and let people come in! Testosterone, eh?

AND, thank you to all my super duper friends, relate-ables and customers that answered my 'plea' for raffle ticket sales yesterday... I took in $109 today! Yippers!

it's amazing when you think we can do this for a student body of 80 kids, and in a county with the total population of 16,000! Think about that my city friends ... Baker City has 10,000 people, and that is THE BIG city to our little Haines... Haines has about, oh, 400?

Here's my to do list over the next 24+ hours - just in case you think I am painting my nails!, Oh, and this has to get done despite the snow storms we are having! :
  • Soak roaster of pinto beans (check!)
  • Cook roaster of beans (tomorrow am, 3 hrs)
  • Get Dickster to start working on his SEXTON RANCHES SUPER HOT Chili Recipe (whose ingredients I had to drive through a blizzard today to get!!)
  • Go to Baker and Haines and pickup all the ticket sales packets from local businesses (tomorrow, 11am)
  • Go to school, setup raffle items, raffle tickets sales and deliver cooked beans (12:30 tomorrow)
  • Come home? Only if they let me!
  • Back at school at 4:30 pm..
  • Sell raffle tickets, 5-5:30 pm
  • Announce raffle winners
  • Introduce BELLA TEAM! Big Ol' Check Photo Op! (BELLA is a super cute Gourmet store in Baker that is donating $500 for our new indoor climbing wall! - BELLA also sells Sexton Ranches meats...)
  • Live Auction - 6pm
  • More raffle winners
  • Wrap up at 7pm
  • Did I remember to eat? Don't know....
  • Sip wonderful tasty drink that another mom gifted to me! WINK!!!
  • Go home...
  • Start all the thank-you certificates, press releases etc. next week (A girl has to watch the Super Duper Bowl and compare 'notes' with little sis Paula via phone lines!)
And, Thank God that we live in a beautiful rural area where our community comes together to support our little school!

Thank you to all of you that helped with this event!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everything - Another Sample from the Always Set

A 6x6 Page Featuring the Always SU Stamp Set

Another sample from my weekend play date! Lovin' this stamp set... I used the bird, the two sentiments, the floral spray and two of the little circle do dads... The background patterned paper and scallop paper are from the Jan. Self-Addressed Kit, featuring Collage Press papers.

This is one of the pages I am working on for a LOVE book/journal... just playing~

The Sentinel - Old Man Ernest

Do You See Him?
Out in the distance.
Sitting on a snow covered hay bale.
Keeping Watch.
Our 11 year-old Man-Dog.
Friend. Pal.
Father to all the pups.
White Whiskered.
and Old.
He, who has earned the right to just sit,
and contemplate the world.
He, who works when he wants to.
And, keeps watch.
He is one of a few that has mastered the
fine art of being a livestock dog by day,
guard dog by night,
and family member, 24/7.
Our Sentinel

Yes. More Snow
This is a glimpse of 'part' of the back yard...
You can see the chicken house in the back, as well as our 'fire pit' area (just 2 chairs are visible).
It's been snowing most the day, again.
The hummocks in the backyard are not fancy snow covered hills.
Our yard is flat, slightly sloping toward the back trees...
Those hills, are the result of wind... Snow Dunes...
I slipped on these suckers when I was doing the morning chores... they are icy below the new layer of snow.. hard to navigate with a bucket of water in one hand, hammer in another (to break ice or a path or dig out doors) and critter food!
I had to dig through a nasty one in the chicken penned yard area to carve a safer walkway.
Tired of slippin', and twistin' my knees...
Tired of shoveling snow paths, too.

But heck. I'm getting a 45 minute workout each morning! It's better than nothing.
Well, except Club Med.
Club Med. A gal can only dream!
Sun, sand, ocean, heat.
Vitamin D.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Card - Featuring the 'Always' Set, and the Weather Report

The Stampin' Up Always Set - Fun Stuff!

I played a bit yesterday... Boy, do I 'love' this stamp set.. I am 'so into' flourishes and natural goodies... I used 4 stamps on this card (The bird, Always circle, floral spray and little flower that I turned into brads (with the Build a Brad Set)) which are all from the Always set, along with more stamps that I will be sharing later!

This card was an after thought from a layout I was making... I am working on a Love book/journal... just some putterin' in the craft room!

Card Recipe and Supplies Used:
  • Stampin' Up (SU) Always Set
  • Collage Press patterned paper (pp) (I stamped the bird, Always and little flowers on pp, and the black scallop is also from pp) - from the January Self Addressed Kit
  • Black ribbon from Ginny's Small Studio RAK (Thank's Ginny!)
  • Green Organdy Ribbon - SU
  • Build a Brad Set - SU
  • SU scallop and circle punches
  • Bazzill Basics cardstock - Green Tea
I entered this card in the 'use your stamps with patterned paper' challenge at the 2peas stamping board. The challenge closes Feb. 3rd.

Thanks for looking!

Today's Weather Report: More Snow and Windy... hasn't stopped since about noon yesterday.. We have some 'mondo' drifts in the driveway.. Dick got stuck with his 4WD truck at 7 am when he left to feed the critters.. He had to dig it out... I dug out the dog kennels and chicken house doors... while snow and wind blasted my face...

One rooster was stranded on the deck all night.. Not sure why he was separated from the rest of the group.. Poor guy! Jake and I 'rescued' him and took him back to the chicken house....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

WinterStamp at 2Peas! Starts Feb 2nd!

Are You Sick of Winter Yet???

I am! (As the wind and snow are blowing in the background)....

And what better way to 'bring in some sunshine' than hangin' out with the stamping Peas over at the 2Peas stamping board! There will be lots of challenges, prizes and just plain fun...for a week! I am not a hostess this go around, due to the Haines Elementary Chili Feed which will be Friday night... Feb. 1st... a big event to raise some big bucks for our kids school.... details about that later...

So! If you are wanting to play, go check out all the great challenges at:

This Location

The Good and The Bad

Well, yesterday was a very emotional day.. at about chores time, 4pm, Jake discovered a chicken massacre... Not just any massacre, but the kind that brings an 8 year old boy to tears and wailing... Jake is the keeper of the chickens, and as he said "I loved those Chickens!" Dick, Thank God, was outside, and ran to his aid.... One of our female dogs had gotten loose, and took it upon herself to kill and eat my favorite hen.. Goldie... Thank God Goldie was out of her misery when I showed up... I would not have been able to hold my rage in if she was still alive...

Poor Goldie.. she was such a good mommy hen...a sweetie. (I introduced you to her over the summer)...

Another hen was chewed on.. Not sure what her fate is.. She's still in shock. And, a rooster is dead... Another rooster is walking around with a severe sideways look... Rooster Stroke? No telling...

I raked up feathers and stuff this morning... trying to rid the horrible scene so the remaining chickens would not be taunted with the aftermath .. Raking on top of snow is not a hard task...
It's supposed to snow this afternoon... Good. cover up everything...

So, that was the bad.... well, actually, one more thing happened. One of my Portmeirion plates got broken at dinner time.. I have a mixture of the Variations and Botanical line.. They are my wedding dishes and they are rapidly becoming extinct.. RATS.. but I know they can be replaced...

Now for the Good News...
Patch is now an inside puppy... He came in last night... He's a cutie pie... I am having flashbacks to young motherhood - up at 11pm, 3:00 am, 3:30 am... sleep deprivation is setting in... Yet, Sami is doing a great job of puppy watching and assisting with clean up during the daylight hours.

The other good news... Maggie had her litter of pups this morning... Sami demanded that she get moved into her birthing shed last night.. Wow! What a intuitive nurse she is! Not sure how many pups yet... We will see later...

And so goes the cycle of life here on the ranch...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Recap of Last Few Days of Single Mom Hood!

My Snow Shoe Escape... 45 minutes....of heavy breathing ...
Are these on the right feet? Beats me!

My partner, aka, Lefty, who is supposed to rescue me in case I go into cardiac arrest.
By the way, Lefty was busted 2 times while Dick was gone! He tore into the burn barrel, literally, chewed out the side of a metal drum, and pulled out trash.. His second offense was when he stole the hat off of Sami's Snow Man, and also an arm! Stinkin' dog...

Twins Birthday Party Cake... Yum! aka Lunch for the Sextons!
So... My husband was gone for 6 days, and low and behold I thought I would have all sorts of free time to do what I wanted to do, as in play! HA! Here's my diary of what really occurred. Grab a soda or adult beverage. This is long...
  1. Day 1: Wed: Outside Chores & Clean House.. Fight with Smokin' Wood Stove.. Stunk up the whole house... Respitory system still not fully recovered (brief panic attacks about thinking I am going to die). Pickup Kids from School. Pickup Pizza and Chinese Food for our 'Dad's Gone Let's Eat What Ever We Want' night! Come home.. open windows to air out smoke and let the cold in. Evening Chores. Help kids with homework, etc. DAY 1 FLIES OUT THE WINDOW!
  2. Day 2: Thurs: Chores. Help out at kid's school. Pickup kids after school, get their hair cut, some primping for Sami for late bday gift (curls & nails), then home for the night time routine... Oh. Babysit kids in pm... a 3 & 6 year old without bedtimes or uh, table manners... I fell asleep on the couch after putting 4 kids to bed! Managed to sneak in a brief snow shoe attempt during lunch...A major highlight...
  3. Day 3: Friday: Short Day for kids school...Woodstove professional shows up to fix woodstove. I make fire after he leaves... hmm... still smokin... I give up on the woodstove idea for the rest of the hiatus. Pick up at kids at 12:30, then go purchase presents for twins, grocery shop, various errands, go home... Killed 3 hours! Then, friend with two previously mentioned little darlings over for a mommy night... kids don't go to bed until 10pm... not much of a mommy night, well for one of us! ANOTHER DAY GONE!
  4. Day 4: Twin's B-day Party... Highlight of the entire week.. seriously.. Woke up and had the wild idea I needed to scrub down the master shower and try to get rid of the salt deposits on the shower head... Where do I come up with these things? Oh.. Cleaned the light fixture over dining room table too. For Pete's sake, I am the sidetracked Queen! So, wrap gifts, make super cute cards, which I forget to photo, then off to the party....... Kids had a blast, and so did I.. We stayed for the after party party... Our kids go play out in snow.. Jake comes in with snow burn on the side of his face.. hmm... Dinner...lasagna and Caesar salad, and glass of wine for the mommy's... hence the highlight... I left Jake and brought home the girls... slumber party. Drove home in snowstorm... Not fun..
  5. Day 5: Sunday. Very tired from previous days events.. Or, is this a leftover from the sugar lunch and wine? Kid swap occurs at noon - slumber party guest leaves and darling son arrives home... OH... Snowing all day... I give a command "Every one in their cozy clothes!".. Which means, jammies... Then it's movies and food, for the rest of the day - all day... I nap. Kids watch Big Momma2 - twice...
  6. Day 6: Monday: Slept in until 7ish... Wow! Oh.. With 2 kids on either side of the bed... Husband is on his way home... Do the catch up on laundry, housework, reading a book.. yep.. Read a book... finished it too! Then made nice dinner for husband and family...nice lamb meatloaf and baked potatoes. Order is restored... our man is home... kids are even showered, bathed, and sparkling! Me? Got my apron on, touch of makeup and lookin' ever so domestic..wink! Go Mama...
Oh well...that's a wrap!

T Minus 10 - And Counting!

Actually, T minus 14.
That would be the temperature that we woke to at 5am.. MINUS 14 degrees! Oh, Nelly! Can you say cold? Brr? My fingers and toes are killing me? I did, when I went out to do chores...

So, there I was, in my
  • turquoise ski bibs (thanks Pat Mom!)
  • my Carhart coat
  • my heavy duty polar fleece jester style ski hat - it's hilarious! Always a smile maker!
  • my ski gloves (which really seem useless in the real cold - why do my fingers want to fall off when I am wearing $50 dollar ski gloves? HMMMM????)
  • my snow boots - Sorrells
  • and underlayers... (aka, sweats)
And, I still had to come into the house three times to thaw out! ACK! So much for designer label goods... but heck.. I was a fashion statement.. ok, a statement of some sort.. As in, 'that crazy lady is outside again'...

Right now it is a gorgeous sunny day - to look at.. and only MINUS 4! HA!

Today is definitely the coldest day we've had this year.. Still not as bad as three December's ago, when it was minus 20... That would be the day Dick was on the road and I was in charge of getting water to lambs and ewes.. HA.. the day the hoses froze up on me, the day I left the pump house door open and our house water froze up! OOPS! Also the day I was in tears wanting so bad to move back to my ever so warm and lovely and friendly State of California (I will always be a California Girl at heart and in my dreams.. sigh)

Ok.. Back to Oregon...
So far the only 'mishap' of the day has been Dick's truck... He left the lights on all night when he got home last night from his 5 day hiatus... aka, meeting... He hasn't left the house yet to see what is 'out there' awaiting his discovery.. and it's almost 11. Yes, that's right.. Minus 3 degrees at 11 am...

But, heck, at least the wood stove is working right (he has the touch)... the four of us were freezing last night upon his return, central heat being a very inefficient tool, so he lit a fire.. Ah... warmed our bones right up! My knight in shining armor!

I'm glad my man is home... Restores warmth and structure back to our little world... aka, I gotta get back to work from my mini vacation!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Yes! I Do Play In My Craft Room!

What's This?? CARDS? Really???

Yes, really! I FINALLY got to just play, doing stuff I wanted to do, for me!
(after I finished doing all of Sami's birthday party Thank-you's!)

Closer Look - Thank You Cards
I am trying to get my Christmas Thank-you cards done... These babies are made from the patterned papers in the January Self-Addressed kit.. I also added all sorts of goodies from my stash.. Here's the list of goods:
  • Patterned Papers: Self Addressed January Kit
  • Thank-you & Heart stamps: Stampin' Up
  • K & Co (brads); MM Funky Vintage Fabulous Flowers collection
  • Ribbon: unknown! (previous SA kit)
  • Template for frame: also a previous SA kit!
  • Ink: Stampin' Up - 'Taken With Teal' marker

Only 8 cards done.. sigh.. But, it's progress! I love using the goodies in my stash.. What that means, is product I have purchased on impulse because I like it, but just haven't used it - yet. borderline hoarding, perhaps... I really love how the colors all work together from various manufacturers. AND I am so lovin' the SU markers! Have had them for a while.. finally getting them broken in.

Speaking of color - I am craving bright colors! It is still a White World outside... I am sitting here in my lime green 'jammies'... aka, lime green shirt, lime green flannel pants with penguins and snowflake design, and my lime green fuzzy socks.

I'm gonna 'get me some' orange clothes next! Then Yellow!

Come on sunshine...

Snow People

Super Cute Cowboy Snowman.. Created by Sami
This guy is wearing Jake's first little cowboy hat!! Dick found it in 'my stash' hidden in the garage store room... I remember my dad had a pair of one of our itty bitty gloves hung up in the basement forever.... I loved seeing them each summer when I visited, and when I was older...

And Then, Jake's Yard Art... Calvin and Hobbs, anyone???
Boys just kill me! How can you NOT laugh at these guys????

Close Up of Mr. Cowboy Snowman
Those Buttons are from my scrappin' stash... Foofala Buttons!
Sure glad they are getting some use!

And, the Crew.... Tres Hombres
Doesn't that snowman look like he is leaning in for a hug?
I for one, thought he needed a holster and some guns.. When he is all by himself he
looks like he is leanin' to one side, to shoot... or bowl...
Sami would have none of it...
Guess he was just leanin' in for a hug!

Have a great Sunday...
Ours is once again
All White

Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Line Skates

Check These New Babies Out...

What's This? Skates at the top of the stairs? What's That?? We don't know how to skate yet? (Me: 'Come down those stairs on your bottom!')...

Auntie Paula gave into Sami's Birthday wish.... Sami has never worn skates...let alone inline skates! She just knows she wants them... They arrived yesterday... Jake has been begging to try them on (and he has)...he looks good in pink and black!

So, the kids are learning how to skate indoors on carpet.. when they get real daring, they try skating on the linoleum... I came home to Sami still wearing skates, and this time she had two cardboard tubes (wrapping paper guts) in her hands, using them as guides for skating on the linoleum... funny kids...

What do you do for indoor fun???


By the way... Here is my lovely daughter again...

Seems once they turn 10 mug photos are off limits... especially if the photos are going on your blog that can be seen my anyone in the world! Sassy... (yeah, she does have a point!)

Cool Gear! We inherited the knee guards from Cousin Andrew several years ago!

Still good to go!

New 'Do! Chop Chop!!

OK, Self Portraits Are NOT the most flattering.... But Like my new 'do?

If you click on these photos to enlarge them, I'll kill you... (as in, stay away from my imperfections, wrinkles, and chin hairs)...

A Side View...
(why yes, that is a Sable Antelope sticking out of the back of my head!)

Sigh... Every couple years I try to grow my hair long... I think I'm gonna go 'Angelina Joline' (or whatever her sassy pants name is), but I end up looking like the frumpalumpagus... long, thick, wavy funky frizzy hair is so not 'hot'...

So, chop chop.
I love short hair! I might go shorter.. but need some 'real' professional intervention.. You know, the kind of stylist that can look at your hair type, face shape, etc. and say 'darlin' this is just so you!... Know any? I'll be in Seattle at the end of March... Hook me up! Please!!

GADS! It's Snowing Again!!!!

Top of the Hill! In the front yard....

A Better View of the Custom Sledding Hill -How about that Ramp?

Casa Sexton - Snowville (I shovel snow daily!)

Snow Log... 4:17 pm.

OK.. This is getting ridiculous. It is snowing, again. No Sun in sight... Just White on White...

I swear we have gotten more snow this Winter than any other year (in our soon-to-be 9-year history) we have lived here in good ol' Eastern "OrrrEeeeeGone'. The good news is it should be a gorgeous green summer! Yahoo! I love the summers... being a California Girl at heart. Give me some sunshine!

The kids are outside playing... Dick has been piling the snow (from plowing the driveway) in one area for their sledding pleasure... It has quite the ramp now...

Today was a meat delivery day for me... I drove to La Grande, and decided I had enough winter driving. I made it through Ladd Canyon (the pass that gets closed all the time when weather is bad - it was closed again day before yesterday - two big rigs wrecked). Met my customers. Did a smidgen of shopping, then turned around and came home. Oops.. Forgot the groceries (but remembered my new Xyron)!

No need for a white knuckled drive to Pendleton. And boy am I glad I did! When I got home it started coming down harder - which means the passes would have been worse... (there's another whopper pass between La Grande and Pendleton)...

So... here I am! In our toasty house (Dick fixed the woodstove!)...and enjoying the comforts of staying home...

fa la la la la!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon! Severe Storm Results

The Coleman Stove - Which we put on the stovetop
Lunch was cooked on this baby.. Sauteed Green Beans and Rib Eyes... Left Overs...

The camping stove was actually put on top of the electric stove...

The Three Burner Stove - Which I started our Dinner Lamb Stew On

Why, yes! That is a propane tank in my house! (totally not endorsed by the safety commission).

All The Lanterns Came In...Prepping for Evening

Oil Lanterns got a Tune Up.. With a "nasty" Green Oil!

The Wood Pile.... Our Third Load of this Winter Season
Our woodstove is the appliance that is constantly running 24/7. Just showing you...

Our power went out about 10:30am yesterday (I was bummed! I had not taken my shower yet!). Dick had plowed the driveway (I was going to go to town and take care of some errands) but the wind soon filled it in again. The winds and drifts caused all sorts of complications for local drivers. The La Grande area was a disaster, 30 minutes north of us. Interstate closed...

The school called for us to 'please come get the kids' about 11:00 am. We are the farthest out and the bus driver did not want to be driving out here in snow drift land... I don't blame her. I did not want to drive to the school! So Dick went and got the kids while I cleaned out the woodstove (seems we always plan these projects when it is a huge windy day!)....

About noon Dick decided we needed lunch. Not a cold lunch (my idea) but a hot lunch... What could have been a 10 minute project turned into at least an hour and a half project.... I began to understand why those poor pioneer women did nothing but cook and clean...cook and clean.. cook and clean... Poor Pioneer Women!

Dick is one of those 'loves to rough it' kinda guys... Any opportunity for living off the grid, he's on it... So, the camping gear came in and we prepped for the worse... Here are the highlights of our experience.
  • No flushing of toilets unless, uh, serious business.
  • Conserve water... The bowl in the kitchen sink is to catch all the water. Rinse your hands in this one first! Sami misunderstood and dumped out the 'grey' water.
  • Refrigerator: We will only open the door to get 'lots' of stuff out at once.. or return lots of stuff. No Looky Lou's allowed standing with the door wide open.
  • Hot Water? My best friend once the power came back on. I got to clean up all the messes left in the sink. Ever try prepping a meal without hot water of full use of your resources? A challenge... I also did all the things I am grateful for: laundry, hot shower...
  • Everyone find your flashlights! Have them handy... (wasn't I smart getting Dick a new headlamp and camping lamp for Christmas!)
  • All lanterns and camping lights within reach for the evening
  • Woodstove stoked.. (a no brainer.. it's our daily thing).
  • Start cooking a stew for dinner... Lamb Shanks & Lamb Stew... I sure had fun trying to regulate the burners! I kept lowering it too much and loosing my flame...
Our power was out for only 3 hours... Just enough to get you thinking about what a delight hot water is.

The stew found a new home on the electric stove.. All the gear is still inside. Waiting for the elves!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Severe Storm Watch! Time For Tea!!!!

Check Out This Awesome Box! No, Not a Hat Box!

What's This? Ever So Beautiful & Delicate Tea Cups??? Six? And Big Girl Sizes???

What?????? With Butterfly Handles???? OH SAMI! You Special Girl!

Isn't this the most beautiful tea cup & saucer set you ever set your eyes on??? Sami is such a lucky girl! Auntie Alice saw this, and 'due to the power of the blog' she just knew Sami needed it!!! We are so lucky Auntie Alice has a beautiful heart...

So, today, after I hike down to the bus top through the snowdrifts to get the kidlets, (there is no way the bus will make it down the driveway!) we are having a special tea party! Sami is going to be 10 tomorrow....... Thank you Auntie Alice! (Big kiss and hugs inserted right here!!!)

Severe Storm Watch: That's the weather forecast... Extreme winds from 8 am until 8pm... Problem is, the severe winds started way before 8 am here....
  • My car got stuck in the driveway... at 6:30 am... Kids and I hiked through the snow drifts to the bus stop, in the dark... Good News: More exercise, New Years resolution.
  • Bus got stuck later on... Good News: but got out (phew!)
  • Another parent spun out - a manly man... His kids are scared to death, didn't want to go to school. Good News: All are safe
  • Had to cancel Sami's 'beauty' trip to town today... It was her big birthday trip to the salon (hair, nails, little makeup - all 'natural')... Good News: We will do a home version...with special tea party (so much better than the cold salon!).. I got stuff from Auntie Paula a while ago... pedi's & mani's here we come! Better make scones! Yummers....
  • Had to 'dig out' the chicken coop door and dog kennel doors... snowed in from the drifts... Good News: Count's toward my New Year resolution of getting more exercise!
  • Good News: It could always be worse.... California has a whopper of a storm coming! Rumor is 150 mile an hour winds... Bummer is it's in the Sacramento Area, where my sis Avis is... Prayers baby...prayers...
Stay safe... Tea, anyone??? Scone?
Fa la la la la la

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Quick News

Howdy partners!

So, I've embarked on a new project.. A new blog for our grass fed lamb and beef customers... The address is: .
When I created Perfect Gravy I had hoped to make it an all inclusive blog - ranch, customers, my musings, art, etc... I think it was 'too inclusive', so now we have a special place for our they don't get 'lost' and also so I am focused on meeting their needs.. Focus, Focus, Focus. I need to to that from time to time...

It's the Sexton Ranch Round Up... the blog header...

But friends can visit too! OK, family also. I like it... So, guess I will be double blogging... Seems to be my 2008 theme... I am running two computers as well... OH! Did I Forget to Tell YOU???? (tee hee)... Santa Baby brought me a new computer! I now have Windows Visa, a flat screen monitor, lots of bells and whistles, and it only took me about 3 days to load some of my old files, setup my email account, etc... I DID NOT setup the website email account on my new computer.... I am so sick of the gross spam I get off that thing... I loaded the website email on the old computer, and I had 1135 email messages since December 25th - all gross nasty spam things... Disgusting... not one 'true' customer! (our frequent customers have the 'bat line' email address, my personal one)...

I'm running both computers because, well, I can't find the original CD's for two very important programs (QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Access...).. DOLT! Maybe I'll find them...I don't want to purchase them just for this computer!

Other Quick News Items:
  • I am juror number 172. Criminal trial for tomorrow morning was settled out of court (Thank GOD!)
  • My 9 year old angel is turning 10 on Saturday!!! We are having a very special party, at a place called 'The Little Pig'... Kids get to make ceramic art... Woo Hoo! Love Art.
  • Woodstove is smoking... and driving me crazy... Needs a fixin'.
  • No sun for 2 days. Humf.
  • Little puppy now has a name! Patch! I will be showcasing him soon. Photos. Not weird dog clothes. That's a no no.
  • New mail lady does not deliver our mail until about 5pm. Gives new meaning to snail mail. Ponder that one, will you? Got a good visual? Good.
  • Have a meeting at the school in oh, 30 minutes. PTCO stuff... I am the President. Big event on Feb. 1st, our Chili Feed, Raffle and Live Auction. Send Money. We are trying to raise about $4,500 for our little rural school.
  • I want to chop my hair off... Drives me crazy...
  • I want to sit in my craft room and play! Wah!!! Maybe tomorrow....
OK. That's enough. Thanks for listening...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Banging Pots and Pans... Uh, This morning!

The Simulated Ball Drop....Countdown and All!

And a Quick Segway - Photos from our Grand Sledding Adventure New Year's Eve

The Walk UP to the hill (we only did this once... hitched rides the remaining times, from people we know!)...
The Boys... aka, Winter Olympics!
That Hill Climb - almost there!!! Go Team!
Just had to show you those... Sledding was awesome!!! Us moms sledded too.. What a riot! My friend Michele went flying down the hill past Sami & I (we were doubled up, Sami was having trouble steering her sled.. more tears...hmmmm)

OK, BAck to the New Year's Story.....

OH man... At 6am we had a little girl in tears ... 'What happened, my alarm didn't go off'! Last night, about 10:30 pm, and 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside, Sami & Jake were poured into their sleeping bags in with the agreement that Sami would set a timer to wake us all up so we could bang pots and pans and watch the ball drop in Time Square... all that were in earshot missed the ringing of the timer... No one woke... All three of them, in our room... I was in the living room...crashed out on the couch were my husband left me..with my reading light shining down on me!

The Crime: After the kids went to bed, Dick tried watching TV while I laid on the couch to read... I fell asleep on the couch... uh, right away... .I crawled into bed at who knows what hour....but after midnight... I could just kick myself! We were so close!

Had I been smarter, I would have set an alarm too... Had I been super smart, I would have recored the entire Time square EVENT including the ball drop so we could relive it this morning - Hannah Montana and all! SSHHHH! Sami doesn't know Hannah was playing... When she finds out I'm going to be toast.... I didn't know either until I was surfing the web trying to remedy the grave error of missing a once a year opportunity....

So - back to the little girl..
Me - It's OK Sami, we still had fun last night! (Prime Rib dinner, baked potato bar, lots of super duper special drinks, playing Cranium and even setting off fireworks in 5 degree weather for crying out loud! We had a great time with our awesome - friends. I reminded Sami about all these super things...).
Sami - But we missed the ball drop and we didn't bang pots and pans, and it only comes once a year...
Me - (thinking as fast as my fuzzy little brain will let me...)You can still bang pots and pans.. Today is still the first!
Sami - sniff... OK...

So off to the kitchen... we enlisted Dear Dad, simulated our own ball drop and all was well... then proceeded to search online for videos of the drop.. which we watched....

The above trauma was repeated when Jake woke up... 'Why didn't we bang pots and pans!, Why didn't we wake up at midnight!'...He was happy watching the Time Square ball drop on video...

Sigh... Dick & I get the Parent of the Year Award, again!

Put the pre-party was sure fun!

Today we made Huevos Rancheros, our favorite post New Year's Eve brunch!!
Then naps...
Then Sami & Jake ate part of the gingerbread house...

The End....