Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Pumpkins Canvas Collage
(I just love making these things!!!)

Halloween... oh boy... we've been 'dealing' with Halloween for almost a week! It started last Friday with a birthday sleepover that Sami went to. Costumes were required, but not gory or scary. Humpf. Therefore, Sami needed 2 costumes this year - because she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, but went as a kitty to the party! Since my kids are of the creative age, I bought a few props for them and they were 'on their own' to create the rest of their costumes... A good practice I figured....

It was fun listening to Jake last night say 'Mom, can I have some of your ribbon?', and 'Mom, where are your glue dots?', and 'Mom, I need something thicker to make a star out of (he got hooked up with chipboard and a star punch by his sister!)....

So, the kids carved their pumpkins earlier this week, and little Pumpkin Kitty had to sneak in there as well! Today the kids had their fall parties at school, along with wearing their costumes.. And when they came home they wanted to play Monopoly.. I could not resist catching a Witch (which by the way is MY costume - surprised???) and Dracula playing a card game!

Tonight we are roasting pumpkin seeds...

I really need to get the treat bags made.

And put up the rest of the decorations!

Tomorrow is Halloween... It's been a beautiful Fall the last few weeks.. oh man...

And of course, the weather is going to take a drastic change tomorrow! Rain is in the forecast for the next week!

Go figure...

Why I Just Had to Play the Lottery Today!

What's this? A necklace I won??????
Get Out! Thank you Deborah!
OK.. For some crazy reason, I have been on a winning streak in my little scrapbook stamping world! This is scary stuff... I mean, what the heck is going on?

It all started with Jacqueline... remember that beautiful box of goodies that came all the way from France? She sent it in June and we worried for months that it got lost? Well, we must have prayed far too hard for 'the prize to arrive' - because prizes just keep coming!!!! Seriously! Jacqueline!

Here's the rundown:

1. First, Jacqueline's Box of goodness. Stuffed full of papers, stamps, embellishments and cool France goodies!

2. Then, Hero Arts went and ran a week of paper related inspiring posts and give-aways with some very cool manufacturers! Like Basic Grey! Hot Dog! Well, I won something from Kelly Goree's blog! Kelly is on the Design Team for Basic Grey..I love her blog. And I won some stamps! Yep! Some Hero Arts Stamps! So darn lucky...

3. Well, as my lucky streak would have it.. then I won one of the challenges over at 2peas during World Card Making Day and Stamptoberfest! Deborah hosted a challenge, and had us all make a card for a special woman in our lives... Remember my friend Ann that I spoke to you all about? My friend that battled breast cancer over the summer??? I made her a card.. It's posted above.. anyway, I won the challenge and Deborah is sending Ann a pair of beautiful earings - made by Deborah! And, she is sending me a necklace and earings that match Anns! I can't wait to see Ann at our book club next week! I won't be able to wear mascara ... Tears will be flowing...

4. I'm not done! Roni over at Ink Stains hosts several challenges and swaps. You remember Roni - she was our hostess for the Fat Book Swap I was in for 4 months! And, she is a designer for Ranger??? As in RANGER? The folks that make so many cool products? Anyway, Roni is always sharing fun techniques and products and does giveaways! Well, shoot dang! I won one of the giveaways for some Paper Artsy Stamps! HOT! Love those stamps! Well, technically, I was 2nd choice! The real winner did not claim her prize so Roni drew another name! LOL! Thanks Roni!

5. And, then...GASP! You know that super cool altered artist T!M who also has a connection to Ranger? LOL! Well, Mr. T!m also shares some real cool tutorials and tips and tricks regarding his products on his blog...Remember last year when I did my 'Tim style tags' from his 12 Tags of Christmas???? .. Well, one day, Mr. T!m was giving away 3 sets of the new Ranger Distress Stickles! This happened on the weekend I was supposed to be gone for 4 days on a scrapbook retreat! But no, I was home, licking my wounds, and being grumpy because of all the bad stuff that happened (I have a post wating in draft form!)... Anyway, I left a comment... and I won!!! ACK!!! And the best part? The super sweet email message I got from T!m!!!! Love that guy... Go read his blog... He just got back from Disneyland! I think that should be his next RAK! A trip with Tim to Mouseland! Tee Hee!!!

6. OK.. About now I started getting freaked about all these winnings... I have had several friends email me and tell me to go play the lotto! So today I did... And darn it! Two other things happened today! First... Cornish Heritage Farms started a new blog.. yep.. another one to add to my list of faves... I follow several of the DT members - Kim Hughes, Becky Olsen, Jennifer Roach, to name a few! Well low and behold.. I was one of 10 peeps that will be getting a new stamp!!! Thank you CHF!!! PS... The owner Liz lives on a farm... I love reading her adventures on her blog! Cracks me up! You know, misery loves company!!!

And the last news to share ...

7. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen.... I entered another Hero Arts Blog Challenge and I WON 2nd Place!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!! Last weekend, again, while I was licking my wounds about not getting to go on my4 day scrappy retreat, I held my very own virtual retreat at home... I had 1 day - after all the misshaps subsided!!!! So, instead of catching up on Scrapbook pages, I made some cards for the gals that won the challenge that I hosted over at 2peas during World Card Making Day and Stamptoberfest.. My very own Fat Book Page Challenge! Anyway, I did one of my multitasking challenges... you know.. catch up on some needed to do work and enter a challenge at the same time! Woah! My little babies won 2nd place! There's a photo of them up above ....

So, I am now officially on cloud 9...... I mean, when it rains it pours!

And yes I did play the

If I win.. oh my...after I faint... Disneyland peeps.. Disneyland...

Thanks for listening to my news! Crazyness, isn't it?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tango, Anyone?

Hi blog readers!

I just wanted to share the hot couple of the decade with you... my friend Rebecca had this little baby in an email so I just had to steal it!

Anyway, this weekend is my virtual retreat... I was supposed to go out of town for 4 lovely days of scrapbook goodness, but, Mr. S. is leaving for a class, so I am home instead, and on my 'retreat'. He is still here.. tap tap tap...

I've got lots of plans for between chores, feeding kids, and all that stuff!

Off to get inky!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Got Trolls??? Stacy Does!

OK.. my friend Stacy is giving away Troll stamps in honor of her birthday! You have to win them...

Go check it out at her blog, and leave her a message if you want to win some of these scary dudes...

Creepy little things! Check them out without their hair! Ew!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Last Fling

October 17th... and today's forecast is a high of 70 degrees...

I have neglected the yard for too long... Mr. Deere is probably wondering where my warm cozy bottom side has been these last few weeks.. Funny, I don't remember the last time I mowed! Horrible, isn't it?

The grass is getting shaggy.. but hasn't grown much with our lows in the 20's and thirties, and highs peaking at 60...

So, today, I must go out and have one last fling - a 4 hour one no doubt (lucky gal, aren't I?) with my summer dude - Mr. Deere. Then he will get stored away for his long winter's nap.

Gosh.. I sure hope he starts! Poor guy...

Wish us luck, won't you?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Darn Tag Thing!

Oh boy... I am so not good at 'paying it forward' on being tagged, or answering those 20 'about you' emails, or the 'do these 5 things and great things will come your way' emails either... I can barely play the lottery (inside joke with my little sis)!!!

But I love to read them! I admit it! I always love to read about everyone else's answers!!!!

Darn it! They are addicting!

So.. in order to ease my Carma load I will cave in and play one of the last games that came my way ...

This is the 6 things that came from Deborah of the Hero Arts Flickr Group.. BTW, this chick is hilarious! Her blog has all sorts of quirky tid bits... Love reading about her... And she is so darn lucky to be alive.. She walked a way from a 'total' wreck not too long ago... amazing...and she recently was the #1 winner on the Hero Arts blog! Yahoo!!! Dang she's good!

Here are the 'rules':
I'm supposed to post 6 random things about myself, list the "rules", and tag 6 new people. But, I just don't know if I can tag 6 'new' people!!! I'll give it a try...

  1. I have only had 1 cavity my entire life... Yep.. one..... That's it... My dentist thinks would love for me to be his poster child - but alas, I had to tell him I don't floss (unless I get the urge), and only brush 2x a day at the most ... and drink coffee, and love my chocolate! My theory, is cavities are mostly a hereditary gig... My grandma Marina also only had 1 cavity, and she has high cholesterol. Me too! She's 95, I hope to get that one as well... well, as long as I have a brain (if I only had a brain!)...
  2. I rode across the country on the back of a motorcycle when I was in my early 20's..
  3. I love music, candles, fall, and just being reflective via journaling when I can.
  4. I have a Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management, and minors in Math and Computer Science.. When my kids ask if I use them.. (since I work out of our home) I tell them every single day, and never underestimate the power of an education.
  5. I have never had a broken bone, yet, Mountain Biked (for recreation) with a motley racing crew during my college days in Chico CA! Bidwell Bump anyone??? Yahoo!!! Oh how I miss those days... biked at Moab Utah too! Rock!
  6. I'm a trained facilitator.. This Thursday night I am moderating a meeting in town for a 'meet the canditates' forum - City Council and City Manager candidates. Dang.. They found me! Sometimes I like just 'hiding out' here on the ranch!
OK.. Those are my tidbits... anyone want to be tagged? I'm fresh out of 'new blood' So, if I were to tag 6 people these are the ones I would tag.. So, if you see yourself, you can play.. but don't feel pressured.. I have no expectations of you.. This is just for fun entertainment when time allows....
  1. First, there is Ethel. She recently joined a design team! Go Ethel! Talk about talent!
  2. Then, there is Dawn. Today is Dawn's birthday! Go give her some love! Wish her a great day.. I have the guilties for not sending a card - just like one of my own sisters!!!!
  3. Then Sandy.. She is way too busy with work, Cards for Heros and creating lovely goodies... She really should slow down.. go visit her, and check out her links to CFH..
  4. Then the Noble Pig.. MAN this girl whips out a great cocktail and snacks! Plus she has some awesome Halloween decor! I love her twisted humor... OH! And she is building a winery.. well, the place where the grapes are grown.. Vinyard! That's it! She rocks.
  5. Want to meet the sweetest girl on earth? Check out Tami of Pat and Tam's Beef! Yep, that's right.. another producer doing what we do! They rock! They are genuine friends who have the belief we are all in this together and lets help each other out.. I like their attitude and wish more of us had the same! But Tami is so much fun! She cracks me up with her doses of ranch life.. Wait till you read about the emergency kit in her carhart pocket! Classic!
  6. Lastly, there is my little Cousin Karen. She is a very talented quilter who happens to be dealing with MS... Karen has such a tough life with this damn disease... and she shares it with us in all it's glory.. her good days and her bad days.. You got to love a person who keeps it real.. Recently she posted that a family member could not deal with her anymore.. Isn't that the saddest thing you ever heard????? Go visit my sweet cousin.. Give her some love... Lift her up... and visit her often...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Week In the Life - Photo Collage! Wed/Thurs

Look What I Made!

I am so dang excited! I created this photo collage in PSE3, thanks to the fabulous Jennifer McGuire who posted a tutorial back on Sept. 20th! I had it 'starred' in my Google reader for something to come back to when I had time (I have lots of things in that folder!)... So, there I was, checking out my goodies, and seized the moment! I still need help with getting those images to line up right.. My 'snap tool' is not snapping right... Oh Snap!

Most of these photos are from yesterday and today. along with my last Thursday self portrait and the card from Sunday! Just various pieces of my routine, life, days for Ali's A Week In The Life project. Here is the description of each photo, from left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Desktop XM - On the Oprah channel for me. My other faves are Rock and Roll
  2. View from my desk
  3. Sweet little Angel that Dawn gave me last Christmas. I look at this gal when I need a good shot of sweet blessings.
  4. Pumpkin Kitty (who, arrived before Toes left.. Very interesting timing)
  5. Another view from my desk
  6. Another view of my desk work area
  7. Pack of tumbling puppies
  8. Another view of my desk! Guess I am here quite a lot!
  9. Sami's fish that she forgets to feed.
  10. Cute little puppy
  11. The pile of ribbon I found downstairs in the laundry room on Tuesday. Pumpkin stole some of my ribbon off the floor by my craft area... Little thief.
  12. Sami's room. She seems to be the more 'life in a tussle' gal.
  13. My favorite tree.. Fall is here.
  14. Sami and her new goat Rose. Sami and her Dad went and got this latest addition to the zoo yesterday afternoon... Gads...
  15. My favorite boots! I love the stars, and the green inside the boots and the blue!
  16. My crafty desk top.
  17. Morning routine. Make coffee, cut up fruit for kids
  18. My morning sanity... I light a pumpkin scented candle and do my stretches and sip some coffee... I call this my Zen moment.
  19. My perpetual calendar next to the Portmerion Clock. I did turn it to today (after flipping through four days that I missed!).
  20. More of my craft area
  21. Another shot of the fruit - which came off of our trees
  22. My mobile office survival kit: XM, water, cell phone
  23. Self Portrait
  24. A card I made last Sunday for SOF over at 2peas... The only darn thing I've had a chance to make for the week long event! OH well...

So, now back to work and the rest of the day.... I have markets tomorrow and Saturday, and the kids last soccer game is tonight! We woke to 27 degrees, and the high is going to be about 44. Also, a rain and or snow storm is on the way.. Not sure if the game will actually happen or the weekend markets!

Oh well - and that is my typical Week in the Life!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few Photos - Looking Back.

Me - Waiting for a Customer (Uh, a ranch customer!)
Sami took this photo last Thursday. I had picked the kids up from school, had them change into their soccer clothes for their game, then we went to meet a meat customer.
This is my portable office.

The Inside of My Purse
A few survival goods.
I also had my car worked on that day, 2 hours stranded in town.
After already driving in the opposite direction to deliver meat
to a restaurant, for Saturday nights big dinner.
Oh, and yes, that is a Stampin' Up bag to the right!
Got some new goodies...
Don't think they will play until November!

A Fall Gift
While we were waiting the wind picked up.. Leaves blew about.
We then drove to the kids game and lightening and rain hit!
The game was canceled - but we had to walk out to the field to find out.
Dang. And I was one of the snack moms.
Cut up oranges anyone?
We still have some!
Dick had a nice, hot, beef stew waiting when we got home. Yum.
VP debate night as well.
Can only handle so much of that stuff.
I so much prefer the SNL versions...
Afterall, it is all a joke, eh?
Go Tina!

Apple Art Day
Friday's are no school days.
Sami had a friend spend the night and
all the kids made apple faces! I love sending the kids out to play...
Our Apple trees are loaded so no great loss!
The other things they did:
Climbed way high in a tree - and left a dog leash up there!
(I sent Jake back up on Sunday when I needed it).
The leash was used by them for some sort of hanging device.
Better not to know.
Sami locked herself in a dog kennel - on accident
Board games
pancakes for breakfast
goofyballs. Everywhere.
I had a 'big' customer come out and pick up some meat for a conference the following day.
150 people.
Way cool.

Left at 7am.
La Grande Market
Home at 10:30pm.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday Words - Fall Out

A Week In the Life... Recap of Monday

  1. Up early. Different Bed (Jake came down to our room, I went up to his). Lousy night's sleep. Too much on my mind. Previous evening drama.
  2. Before Everyone Else Wakes - The crazy routine: Kitchen prep, kid's breakfast prep, visit Pumpkin Kitty. A few stretches and coffee.
  3. Check for any last minute Boise orders via email.
  4. Husband rolls out about 5:30..
  5. Wake kids at 5:45...
  6. Kids at table, and do the 'lets go' count down til 6:25. (focus, no talking, drink your juice, etc.)
  7. Kids and I out the door at 6:30 to go catch bus.
  8. Send them off with a kiss... I love those guys....
  9. Speedy Chore Detail: Puppies, lambs, calf, chickens, cats.
  10. Shower.
  11. Dress. Primp.
  12. Gather all Boise paperwork: orders, inventory binders, to-do lists.
  13. Pack car with Boise stuff, (icechest, paperwork, etc.) and breakfast in Tupperware..
  14. Hit road: 7:45am... 2 1/2 hour drive ..
  15. Stop in Baker.. gas up, get a coffee, and grab Chorizo for one customer...
  16. Drive 2.5 hours. Obsess on fight husband and I had night prior... Contemplate options.
  17. Stop at processors in Nampa. Pick up meat for customers...
  18. Drive to Boise... another 30 minutes... hang out in Albertson's Parking Lot.. Beautiful Day in Boise! I am early... For a change! Go into Albertson's... notice very tasty deli department...
  19. Sushi and a Mary Engelbreight Magazine for lunch! Wish I took a photo.. Sushi was beautiful - Tuna.. Yummmmm...
  20. Meet customers... 1/4 beef, 1/2 lamb and chorizo, and some other cuts.
  21. Head back to processor.. Load up remaining meat.
  22. Drive to storage. Unload all meat.
  23. Drive to Baker. 2 1/2 hours. More contemplative thoughts: husband, work, life, children, love? What do you sacrifice in order to keep the balance? What do you sacrifice in order for your children to be in a secure environment? I feel I am the sacrificial lamb.
  24. Cell phone rings: Lil' Sis Paulita. Jury Duty recap! She gives me her worst day recount, I give her mine..
  25. Gas Up. Again.
  26. Drive Home. 4:15 pm Cell phone rings. Sweet daughter.. She and son took bus home and no one is home. I tell her I am on my way.. start homework and snack.
  27. Arrive home 4:45pm...
  28. Check Mail! THE BOX HAS ARRIVED!!!!! The box from Jacqueline.. My friend in France, who sent this baby back on June 30th! It's here! Every little scrappy sweet piece! Jacqueline is a woman of God. Is this the the answer to my prayer? Our lives can have beauty and love, just perhaps not in the shape or form we had hoped? I have asked God to help me. Give me guidance.
  29. It's the evening routine.. Homework, chores, dinner, prep for tomorrow.
  30. I make dinner in silence. Hamburger, brown rice, salad, yellow squash.
  31. 6:30 pm We all eat at the table. No eye contact between His and Hers. Yet, kids are adorable. Thank God.
  32. Tidy up the kitchen. Sami paints, Jake reads. Dick is plugged into the TV, I go upstairs to my computer, with a cookie and milk.
  33. 8pm: kids to bed.
  34. A little later.. I crawl into bed. Cozy. Warm. A beautiful night's rest.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday - Words

I didn't take any photos today...

BUT, if I were to try to do Ali's style of words + photos for a Week in the Life segment mine would look something like this for Sunday (so far):

(Note: GAWD! I just don't think I could do this documentation every day!)...
  1. Alarm first goes off at 4am. Husband's alarm. Husband who does not get up, but lets alarm go off every 7 minutes until 5am. Contemplate stuffing pillow over husband's, no, no, I mean clock! Husband's clock! yeah, that's it!
  2. I get up... way much earlier than I had planned... 4somthingish. I had hoped to sleep in until 7am, since came home from a 15 hour work day at 10:30pm!
  3. Clean up kitchen area from babysitter and Jake's previous night festivities.
  4. Clean up broken lantern glass by woodstove from babysitter and Jake's previous night festivities.
  5. Contemplate the benefits of a 16 year old boy-child babysitter...
  6. Let Pumpkin, the cutest kitten in the world, out of the laundry room to play.
  7. Contemplate the kitten's litter box... wondering why I am always the 'pick up' lady. Decide I need a drink.
  8. Make Coffee!!!! Gulp.
  9. Husband wakes.. Disrupts silence with radio. Talk Radio.
  10. Retreat to computerland. See wazzup for Stamptoberfest, etc.
  11. 7am: Husband leaves for work (out there, on the ranch), I wake Jake, (Sami is at a slumber party).
  12. I go to do outdoor kid chores: feed Sami's calf, feed Sami's puppies, catch Sami's mommy dog and put her back in pen, fix hole in pen, feed Sami & Jake's lambs
  13. I proceed to do my outdoor chores: compost, trash, kitty box
  14. I hear funky crying noise from sheep field.. Listen....
  15. Jump on wet quad (it's been raining the last 2 days) in jammies to go rescue Sami's goat - the source of the noise. Thank God no one can see me for miles!
  16. See Betty, the goat, has her head stuck in a fence. Get goat unstuck. A few tugs on her ears to get those horns turned just right..
  17. Go back to house area.
  18. Walk down the lane, check yesterday's mail.
  19. Go home.
  20. Look at clock. It's only 8am. Feeling extremely tired, and perhaps sleep deprived.
  21. Contemplate the benefits of staying up late only to get up early and work.
  22. Decide I am going to take it slow.........
  23. Eat 2 plumbs and leftover tuna that I share with Pumpkin.
  24. Vacume under my desk.
  25. Decide I am going to have to play in my craft room.
  26. 11:45 am: Drive to Haines to get Sami from slumber party. Learn she was the only girl that came to the slumber birthday party and I was the only mom that RSVP'd. I feel so sorry for other mom and daughter! I feel they need a bouquet of flowers.. Both of them. The girls had fun... The mom worked too hard...
  27. Home at 12:15pm.
  28. All of us make lunch - hamburgers, heart, eggplant, tomatoes w/mayo, carrot sticks, celery sticks, water.
  29. 1:45. Lunch is over. Kids get sent to take naps - they are both very tired from their previous day's activities!
  30. Upload the card I made earlier onto 2Peas for 4 challenges!
  31. Feeling like I got some me time! Finally!
  32. 2:35 pm. Here I am!
  33. Now, gotta think about tomorrow.. Going to Boise to make deliveries. Need to make calls, invoices, etc. Plan out the whole day.
  34. Gotta think about dinner. Laundry. All of It.
  35. sigh.
Back to #30... It was nice while it lasted!

And there you have it...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking Back... Things That Happened

2007 Our Three Kitties
Mouse, Rose and Toes

Today is Friday....October 3rd... I think I am finally ready to share what happened to us...

Exactly one week ago the kids and I left at 6am to go to Boise. Meat business and a little playtime. Borders Books and Olive Garden - two favorites! I love that my kids love books... Just like me! I played in the scrapbook/stamping mag section, the kids in the kid section... heaven is a bookstore where you can just hang out...

We returned at 4pm. A long Day... and we had to get ready for a tasting the very next day...

Yet, we came home to some bad news from my husband...

We found out out our beautiful, wonderful, funny, hilarious, deeply loved, snugglisous orange and white, seven toed and stubby tailed kitty, Teeny Tiny Tiger Toes

was ran over by a car...

About a mile down the road. And gone to kitty heaven...

My kids were devastated.... They cried themselves to sleep... Deep, racking sobs, two nights in a row... They slept in our closet the first night (it's huge)... Tissue boxes by their sides...

Monday night Jake asked me if it was good to cry. I said yes.

Jake loved Toes.. They grew up together... Poor Mr. Kitters.. Poor little Jake...

Oh my babies...
Oh my kitty...

We had lots of talks with God... We asked him to take care of our kitty... To pet him and love him and let him know we miss him very much but understand he will be our guardian kitty now, and that he is with us...

Jake slept walked down to our bed two nights ago.. He has absolutely no memory of coming downstairs or crawling into our bed.

Toes used to jump up onto on the dining room window screen (from outside) and hang there, spread eagled, meowing at us when we would be at the table.. Cracked me up every time...Cracked up any guests that visited..

We would tease him.. Go to the back door and turn the door knob, and then he would jump down thinking he would sneak in...

Toes had double toes... A feat (pun!) to get those suckers up on that screen, no doubt....
He was also a big cat! He loved to make biscuits and give us love... He had a little boy meow.. A sweet little boy kitty meow...

I miss my Toes... He was one cool cat...


Peace be with you Mr. Kitters

Gathering Inspiration - To Do List

I have a goal....

I want to document a week.. A week in my life ...

But Ali style.

Here is what I am talking about...

Photos plus words.. daily...

I'll have to work up to this and plan it out...

Just thought I would share!

Stamptoberfest 08 - Get Your Groove On!

Shake your groove thang,
Shake your groove thang,
Ya Ya!!!

Anybody with me? Huh? Do ya know that song from way back when?????

Well, Stamptoberfest is underway! Yepster... In celebration of World Card Making Day, the Peas, as in 2Peas Stamping Board is Celebrating with a Week Long Celebration!!!

Woo Hoo!

So, let me enable you:

Here is the Master Thread to the Stamptoberfest Celebration

Did you notice a challenge hosted by RrlScrapGal? That's me... My alias in out there on the message boards...

Here is my Challenge. It's all about Fat Book Pages!

So, I won't be able to play until 'later'. Too many commitments related to the ranch, as in, oh, a market, a tasting, a conference and a dinner... ALL IN ONE DAY!!! Are We Insane????????

No need to answer that one...

I'll be back with a recap of the week...

See ya...
Shake your groove thang,