Sunday, April 23, 2017

What Little I Know - April 23, 2017

Yesterday, my sister Avis sent this photo of our mother, Grace. 

Her room is different than the photo from January.  Definitely more medical looking than home looking.  I sent a message asking how everything was and what was up.

Yes, she has been moved. The last facility, was a residential facility.  Not a medicaid (or did she say medical?) facility. So the 'caregivers' weren't really medical caregivers.  And, something about billing, and Avis had to find another place for our mom that could be paid for with mom's medicaid or medical.  She had told me this earlier this month when I send a message asking how everything was.  So, when I saw the photo, I figured the move had happened and she was now in a medicaid/medical place. What a difference in atmosphere.

However, sometime before the move between point A and point B, Grace had a stroke.  The residential facility did not know she had a stroke.  My sister saw that Grace's left lip was stuck 'up', so she called the hospice nurse, who confirmed a stroke.  This is what I found out today.

I have no concept of when the stroke occurred, or of any side effects.  The photo was dated April 15 so it all happened before then.

I catch myself getting worked up and upset, and feeling out of the loop, but as I said before, there is nothing I can do from where I am.  I can't be at my mothers side. I can for a short time, and have volunteered that.  I did tell Avis earlier this month to let me know when would be a good time for me  to come down.  At the time she said to wait until she got mom settled into the new place.  And now, she said she will most likely being moving mom again, to her own home (Avis's), and taking care of her herself, because this new place isn't feeding her correctly.  When she went to visit they had given her solid food, and she doesn't eat solid food, she eats soup. So Grace isn't eating again.  Mostly, she sleeps.

The next step?  Avis' plan is to take an extended leave of absence to care for our mother.  Thank God for that.

Peace be with you mom, and with you, Avis.

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