Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Goodies, RAKS & My Blog Candy!

Check out These Magnets I found!

Can you see the Bahumbug Sheep? Too darn cute... I love the birdies, the trees, and the girls!
I bought these. I love them.. I had to have them. I might part with one or two.. still thinking about it...

This is a project from stamp camp last month... A Christmas Box... All supplies are Stampin' Up (except the box )
Inside of the box has some premade tags... I really should give this package away - before Christmas!!!
Hmmm... Blog Candy anyone? Read below if you want to win this!!!

Here is an awesome package of great stuff I rec'd! I won a RAK at Buzz & Bloom!

These are my fantastic new toys to play with! Thanks Buzz & Bloom!
Go check out their fabulous products - and be sure to tell them Andi send you!!! By the way, they have a design team call out right now.. Applications are due Dec. 1st!!!! Go get 'em my creative friends!

And, another RAK I won from Wendy V. she is a designer for Maya Road, and makes some aswesome stuff!

This cute train chipboard album already has a purpose! I helped with Sami's 3rd grade field trip last April to the Sumpter Valley Rail Road. Chuga Chuga Chuga, Toot Toot! I have lots of photos and ephemera to put into this baby!!!! Thanks Wendy! You all go visit Wendy's blog. Check out her art and tell her Andi sent you!!!

So, my cup is truly running over! Seriously... I'm busting at the seems here... I also had a visit from Charlie Brown (our UPS guy is named Charlie, the kids & I call him Charlie Brown) who brought my new Zutter Bind It All... and, get this, My new Prisma Color Pencils arrived (not the ones from E*rotten*bay - I totally was taken advantage of on that rotten egg of a deal - lost $)... Mr. Dick Blick sent me a better set...

How lucky am I to get all these great goods, eh? So, let's do a give away!!!
Blog Candy Time!!
Who all wants the Christmas Box I made above with the tags inside????

Here's how you can win it:
  1. You must leave a comment on this post - no anonymous folks..
  2. Share with everyone a funny Christmas memory....
  3. And, if you had a Secret Santa, tell us what you would wish for!
I'll pick a winner in 1 week! Uh huh.. That's right.. one Wednesday, as in December 5th!!!!!

Hope to see lots of posts!!!

fa la la la la!

Storm's Coming! So Long Mr. Deere!

We have a big storm on it's way.. A snow storm... It started blowing about 2:15pm, when I picked the kidlets up from school. Right now there are snow flurries blowing about!

So to prepare for the big storm I finished cleaning up the yard shrapnel, aka, 'stuff' left by kids, dogs, husband, and yours truly, out to the elements. I put Mr. Deere away for his long winter nap in the storage barn/shed/shop. His last performance was for our Sept. 23rd Customer Appreciation Day and he's just been sitting out, parked, by the trash cans, cursing me. I'm so lucky I haven't had to mow since then! Fa la la la la! He looks horrid. The seat is falling apart, one headlight is hanging precariously, and he is just 'beat'. He also has a serious digestive problem - or some other internal ailment. His battery has to be charged prior to running, so I put the battery charger on him about 7am and jumped aboard about 4:30pm to get him rocking and rolling - wearing my snow boots, snow overalls, gloves, funky jester ski hat, and my carhart jacket! One of his back tires was spinning, so we had to do some rock and roll maneuvers to get him unstuck. Snow is not his forte. Deeper snow would definitely be out of the question, hence the motivation. Sigh. I am a deadline driven kinda gal.

Mr. Deere, for those of you new to my tales, is my riding lawn mower - and not my husband, just in case your mind is going in the wrong direction! We have a serious love/hate relationship. He hates to run, I hate it when he doesn't run, but I sure love it when he starts up and those blades are engaged and cutting grass!

I am hoping that next spring when I open up the shed door, that a new, shiny, hot model will be winking at me, ready to work long hours all summer long! Again, a mower... not a husband replacement... that particular 48 year old model I'm keeping! Oh, Santa Baby...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fa la la la la! Some Christmas Goodies!

I just love these colors together! I'm usually an earth tones kinda girl.. so this was a fun card to do. The only Christmas products used on this card are the snowflake stamp, Joy stamp (Stampin' Up) and strip of patterned paper (Figgy Pudding from Basic Grey) in the middle. The other papers are from two different summer 'collections' - one is shimmery paper from SEI, meant for weddings, and the other is from the Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl collection. The chipboard was part of the Serendipity Monthly Scrapbook kit for November... A whole sheet of naked board with all sorts of fun shapes! I stamped the background red cardstock with a Purple Onion flourish stamp w/ white stazon.

And, here are some 'vintage' style tags! These were fun to make. I used silver embossing powder, ranger distress inks, POD flourish stamps and a Stampin' Up sentiment as well as the Stampin' Up satin ribbon...
I think I'm safe posting these! Yes, they will go on gifts, but I haven't picked 'who' just yet!

Another view of the tags.

I spent all day Sunday working on my Christmas projects.. One project involved my annual calendar - this year I am working on a CD case version, which started with going to Godelieve's Blog, hooking up with her online source for a digikit, then playing with the kit, printing lots of pages on very beautiful papers, and having a few mistakes... The shimmery paper above was actually scraps from one of the unsuccessful prints. The ink does not 'stick' to the shimmery paper, which is expensive, and I printed 3 sheets before discovering it! Hopefully I will have some pages to share later this week! I also did a major sidetrack when picking out photos for the calendar - I ended up adding tags to all the photos in my catalog! Sigh... talk about a major time commitment!

Did I mention we only have 4 weeks to work on our projects to get under the tree? Hey, if you are shipping gifts, then it's 2 weeks! Come on crafty friends! time to get out your papers, glue, pretty pens and get playing!

Fa la la la la!

Clarrification! Which Grandma...

Heads up, everyone!

The post about my Grandma's birthday is about my grandmother, on my birth mother's side of the family... hence, Sami & Jake's Great Grandma Marina... not their Grandma...

Thanks for reading!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my grandmother Marina's birthday... She is 95! She is an amazing woman.
I am so lucky to have her in my life... She taught me all sorts of great things:
  • The love of gardening
  • How to can chili (hot stuff - jalapeƱo, tomatoes, etc.)
  • The love of roses
  • To cook (all sorts of great Mexican dishes!)
  • To sew
  • To embroider
  • To crochet
  • To appreciate the important things in life - God's gifts
It's because of my Grandma that I got my Girl Scout badges when I was a sweet young thing!
My sisters and I spent lots of summers with my Grandparents. My favorite Grandma/Grandpa memories are of their little farm in Watsonville, CA. We used to get in trouble for hanging in the fruit trees, eating lots of plumbs. I really got in trouble when I broke a peach branch! I have not forgotten it to this day!! My Grandfather Leonard died just before the Millennium (2000) when he was almost a century! My Grandmother hasn't been 'the same' since Grandpa died.. yet, she is still manages to live in her own home, crochet sweet gifts for babies, and keep her 'family' on their toes!

Happy Birthday Grandma. I love you dearly.

Christmas Lists!

I saw the most awesome blog post earlier today! Check this out:
Ali Edward's Holiday Traditions List.
Isn't it just the greatest? I am going to have to lift this idea... I really like the following:
  • Pick a night to drive around and look at lights - then stop for cocoa & coffee!
  • Add activities on slips of paper - have the kids open one each morning - so they have something to look forward to each day....
Fa la la la la! Thanks Ali!
I'll be back with some more Christmas related goodness...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jake's Snow Shoes

Look What I Found!

Sure enough... I found Jake's little sneakers out in suspicous spots in the backyard. Lefty 'lifted' them from the sheltered location I had them 'draining' from their last adventure - left out in the rain. Then it snowed and they were MIA somewhere under snow! These little guys were stiff as can be when I found them, and filled with snow balls. Note the kitty feet to the right - another accomplice no doubt.

Thanksgiving Recap!

Note the Apron! My Thanksgiving One!

Yep. This is me. No makeup. In my kitchen attire.. Glad I decided to get off my rear and peel the Yukons at 9 am for our 2pm dinner appointment. Ha! I was in the kitchen for 3 hours!
Well, I do get sidetracked... I decided we would also need snacks at noon - a light little celebration of our own since dinner wouldn't be until 3ish... I tend to do that. Get sidetracked! You know the routine, clear the table, then search for fun stuff to put on the table, then go off on some sort of tangent that involves checking the candle inventory or crystal goodies that are stashed!

Garlic/Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
My favorite mashed potatoes.. Absolutely no butter in this recipe! (Disclaimer: I love butter and use it frequently, real butter!). This recipe has Yukon potatoes which give a buttery flavor, tons of garlic (I throw 3 heads into the boiling water - then squish garlic out into the potatoes and mash together), 1 c milk, and a brick of real cream cheese.. Yum! And yes, those are garlic cloves (cooked) on top!

Our Holiday Table
Our noontime celebration. Special drinks for all of us, along with snacks. Our relish plate has baby corn and pickled Okra in addition to black olives. Yum! See the snow out the windows? And the pot of geraniums I saved from outside (saved from the goats and weather!).

Our Little Family
At our friends house. We have a potluck with friends, and play games after dinner - Taboo and Apples to Apples. Sorry for the funky blue/green tint!

The Ride Home!
Jake is not quite asleep. Although he would like to have us think otherwise!
We all had to change into our snow gear (coveralls, snow boots, hats and gloves) to do our evening chores at 9:30 pm (they usually get done at 4pm). Thank goodness for the moon light and flashlights. The snow had diamonds all over it! It was a beautiful crystal clear night - hence the low temps. It was about 15 degrees and we had to break ice or carry water buckets for all the domestic critters that are outside our house - the dogs, cats and Sami's calf, Ruby. The sheep, cattle and goats have other water sources that we haven't had to break yet. That happens when we get below zero - in another month! The next morning it was 10 degrees.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and filled with family, friends and food! I attempted to call all my favorite girls. I called my sister Paula, and left her our annual 'gobble gobble' message. Still haven't heard from that girl! She is MIA. Stinker. But I did get to chat with two of my other fave women. First was my mom, Pat, in Seattle, who had a great story to tell. She made Thanksgiving dinner Wed. night because on T-Day she was spending it at my cousin Eric's - whose wife was making a vegetarian dinner - so Wed. was a 'sneak in the meat night' for the rest of the family. Hilarious. Gotta get that traditional turkey or ham in somehow!
And my 2nd successful call was to my Aunt Alice. She is the perfect role model. Actually, both she and Pat are. They both had awesome careers and raised children under the worse/best of circumstances. There were other gals I had hoped to call, but alas, ran out of time!
OK.. gotta go get some more photos to share!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful For The First Snow!

Snow Topped Bench near our backyard fire pit

Can you spot the bird feeder?

A pumpkin with a snow hat - out by the highway

Snow covered pumpkins and mum carcasses (the goats ate them!)

The View from Indoors

As I said in my previous post, I am thankful for snow! The first snowfall is always a gift. Just so clean, fresh and welcome.

I am also thankful that I cleaned up the yard on Sunday & Monday... I put away the hoses and other 'stuff' such as our soccer field boundary markers (buckets, garden tools). I am missing a pair of little boy sneakers, though. I found them soaking wet from Saturday's rainy day (first question, why were they outside boyless and not on Jake's feet? Always a mystery), I had them turned upside down to drain, not far from the house and out of the snow's path. I suspect a young dog -as in Lefty, snagged them and has them stashed in his cozy doggy straw house. I'll have to wait for the snow to melt to find them!

The kids went to school in their snow pants and snow boots (along with the rest of their clothes!). No doubt recesses will be an adventure...

I also made cookies yesterday for my little family (chocolate, raisin & oatmeal). I can tell I am getting into my winter nesting zone! I loved it when my kids got off the bus, came in and were so excited to see the first batch of cookies cooling! I am thankful that they always say 'mommies cookies are the best!' with big happy faces. Such a great feeling... We all slept good last night with a hearty dinner that Dick made (hamhocks & beans) topped off with cookies.

Well, off to town to shop for the Thanksgiving feasts! Yep. Feasts. Thursday is with friends, and Friday is a special little supper I am working on for us. I'm going to whip up some special dishes that we normally don't eat with our friends... some surprises for my family... Dick loves Brussel sprouts, so something for him; the kids love mac & cheese, so something for them... I'm going to call it a 'thankful for favorite dishes' dinner...

fa la la la la!

I'm Thankful For - Snow!! And a New Puppy

Oh boy! We woke to snow! I got up early...5am. I thought I saw 'white' out there in the dark! Sure enough, about 4 inches! It's 6:26am, still too dark to shoot ya some photos...

I woke the kids and my husband... the kids bolted right up! They are excited. Jake has been planning to build a snow cave - it's been one of his goals since June when he saw his dad's 'Book for Dangerous Boys'. The book has all sorts of great boy projects! But, Jake says we need 10 inches...

The bad news is Dick has to drive a load of critters to the Boise Area - 2 beef & 11 sheep, for our next processing project. All natural beef hotdogs and more natural lamb salami and sausages!

Pray he is safe on the roads.. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive. Over the mountains, through cities. I know I wouldn't do it!

Next News: When I was doing chores yesterday, Miley was burrowed in a little hole. I coaxed her out.. and she was snuggling a new puppy! OH my... Miley is the escape artist. She was in a pen and kept digging out and playing with the big boys... hmmm..... now she is a little mommy.

Kids are also excited about the pup! Photos on that later too!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


The Front of a Gratitude Journal I am Working On

Today I was thankful for a day spent in my jammies and playing in my crafty zone. A fabulous rainy Sunday! I lit a candle, put on the XM Christmas tunes station, and just had a day to indulge (in between laundry, fixing lunch, cleaning the kitchen, etc.)...

I spent the majority of the zone working on a project that I've been wanting to get done
for Thanksgiving. My idea is to pass around a journal/book/album on Thanksgiving and have each person in our little family of four write down what they are thankful for. I might have to give them their own separate papers instead, to make it go faster, then put the papers into the book. Later I will add photos of each person, and pictures from our Thanksgiving Day as well as journaling about what we 'traditionally' do on this day of giving thanks.

Supplies: Most of the papers and ribbons used are from the October & November Self-Addressed kits (Sassafras Lass patterned papers... oh my aren't they yummy!). The stamps are from Purple Onion Designs (Thankful, journal blocks, flourishes, and alpha used on inside title page) and Stampin' Up (gratitude sentiment & from the heart sentiment). The book is from 7 Gypsies. I used Mod Podge to attach the papers to the front and back boards as well as my crop-o-dile to add some big ol' metal. Take a close look at the front cover! The ribbon on the side says 'a heart full of thanks'. I just love it!

Inside Page
I'll come back and add more stamping..

Sample of Each Family Member's 2 Pages
The left side has a 'card' to open up, and it says what I am thankful for about each person.
The right side is for that person to write what they are thankful for. I will add a photo of
them and date it. Might add a few more embellies...

The Book
Still some work to get done... Add tabs with names of each person, things like that!

A closer Look
My pages.

So! That is a wrap! Hopefully I will share the 'after' photos after each of us gets to add our personal touch on Thursday.

Have a great week and lovely Thanksgiving with those that you hold dear to your heart.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Feet! Some Arizona Goodness

Me & My Happy Feet - Mormon Loop Trail
Some photos from my Arizona mini-Vacation!
Yesterday morning Lynn took me on a hike... I huffed and puffed up the hill, and got to 'run' downhill! Apparently I can't walk and talk at the same time... Every time I would get deep into a conversation, Lynn had to tell me to get some 'happy feet' (aka, walk faster!)... funny... I say something similar to Jake, like 'Focus'! Lynn would be an awesome personal trainer.. I can't wait until our whole family can go back to Arizona for a visit! My pals are only 3 hours from the Grand Canyon.. actually, they seem to be 3 hours from every destination (Mexico, San Diego, Tombstone, etc.)... if my memory serves me right! So many adventure possibilities!

My pretty Arizona feet (thanks Rebs!)
Look! 'Nekid' toes! On Friday Rebecca treated me to a pedicure, manicure and dinner with her sorority alum group! She also took all the baby shower hostess' out for lunch. Pei Tai. Oh man. The food to be had in Arizona! And, it is so darn beautiful! Another fabulous taste of summer before winter... which has arrived here at home... It's windy, raining, and snowing... Our BBQ took a trip off the deck. Apparently it was speeding... It was on it's side in the yard; propane tank came unhooked (not the hose); burner knobs deknobbed, all the insides out, etc. NOT a pretty site! It is now retired in the garage...

Happy Poolside Feet ... Rebecca & Lynn's Backyard
We dined outside! Breakfast one morning, cocktails one evening... Their yard has palm trees, all sorts of plants, cool stuff to look at, and tunes! Heaven....

Rebecca's feet! (Bella is saying hi, too!)

Our First Hike - Hole in the Rock
Lots of great scenery and places to play in this land of enchantment! This spot is right by the zoo!

I am home now. The trip was awesome! Left here on Thursday, at 8am, returned last night about 8pm. I am so glad I drove home last night from Boise instead of this morning! The weather here is horrid! I am sitting here in my winter home attire ... as in fleece. My happy feet are now in socks... but I know they are there and the adventures they had!

A Bella Baby Shower!!!

Bella Thank You Cards

Bella's Cake!

The front Page of New Mom Advice Album

The Advice Cards - each guest wrote tidbits of wisdom

Bella Girls At the Party
The Fairy Godmother, Me, Rebecca (mommy to be) and Lisa
- all embracing the theme!

Remember the BELLA invites from a month ago? For those of you that are new to the stamping world, the stamp of the cute mommy on the invites, as well as the matching thank-you cards and Mommy Advice cards above, are actually from a company called BELLA. Get this. Rebecca's baby to be is a girl, her name is Isabella Maria, and her nickname is BELLA! How about that??? And, isn't Rebecca the spitting image of the Bella stamp? Such a cute little mommy to be!

Our hostess, Nora, went all out. Nora and another angel, Chris, spent days making this event one that we will never forget! Bella is truly one of the most loved babies coming to join us here on planet earth. We cried (a family nursery rhyme was sung by one guest), we laughed (some girls were drinking apple juice out of baby bottles for one of the games), we were humbled (a woman from Poland make a beautiful sweater dress and booties and shared the tradition of gifting coins in the shoes for good luck), and we were honored to witness the tradition of gifting a Navaho blanket for a newborn. And, who could forget the home made salsa, tasty margarita's or Mexican Wedding Cookies? Yummy.

Many of the guests came dressed in our Bella theme, wearing pink, tiaras, wings, and even full princess attire! Rebecca's crown was special ordered by Nora, and it said 'Mommy to Be'. And, as you can see, Rebecca and I dressed just like our Bella image, even with matching nail polish!

I'll share more about the Arizona trip in another post!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ramblings. This, That and The Jet Plane!

Just In Case Rebecca is Casing my Blog!
This Photo is a preview of what she can expect for the weekends activities!

OK. I've been up since 4am, cranking out 'tons of work' which included our Ranch Newsletter, printing labels, soliciting donations from businesses in Downtown Baker for the Haines School Chili Feed Raffle in February (say that 10 times fast!), and of course, grocery shopping, shopping, and shopping! Phew! Maybe I snuck in one adult beverage. A Corona - prep work for the weekend activities. Anyway, please be advised, I am on a rambling rose ramble!

So, Sami has just informed me she is writing a book. (wonder who she get's that from!)... Anyway, she is downstairs on the kid's computer writing a story. She said it is about a princess, who finds a bunch of other princesses, and they go off into the woods and become outlaws. ROTFL!

(side note: she wants to know how to spell 'peculiar' -which she called 'petiliar' which, again, must be her version of two words put together, and I sent her to the dictionary. Apparently the dictionary is her Daddy. Pushover!)

Hmm.. Her stories underlying theme? Like, say, City girl goes Country? Or, a coming of age story? Shedding of one's youthful bright eyed Disney-esque (I made up this word - think I'll copyright that one) and interring the stages of Preadolescence? So many possibilities! Great book idea, though. I can't wait to read it! No doubt she will publish her novel long before I do. And she is only 9!

Speaking of princesses, I am leaving tomorrow at 8:00 am, heading to Boise to catch a plane, and jet setting to the Phoenix Arizona area for the Princess Baby Shower! Yeah, baby. This is the shower for my good pal Rebecca, who is a princess. I am the Duchess. Our friend Lisa is the Countess (Rebecca emailed me and reminded me - so I do believe she is casing my blog!). Too bad I don't arrive on that Arizona soil until 5:30 pm. If all goes well in Utah! HA! Thank God I'm not flying United... Dealt with them in 2000 when they were on strike. Been mad at them ever since. Dogs.

I have lots of show and tell items to share - but will post them after the shower! I made more goodies of the Bella variety that coordinate with the invites - remember those? The packet of 60 I cranked out during SOF week? They have relatives in other forms. Too bad I can't take a paper cutter on the airplane. I'll be up for hours tonight doing some 'prep' work! Reminds me of those all nighters back in Chico, CA when I was so very young.

Back to computers: Every family member is in front of a computer right now! Sick, eh? Sami is writing her book (as mentioned), Jake is playing a game, Dick is working, and I am also working! I love this kind of work. I would have to say we are all doing something we are truly passionate about. Jake is the only one on a timer. We monitor the computer game playing thing. I should be on a timer. The artichokes have been done for well over 30 minutes, and are sitting on the stove, waiting patiently for their grand appearance. OH! And the CMA awards are on tonight!

So, eventually I have to pack. Rumor has it the temps will be in the 80s - 90s. Oh, man. The sunshine mother ship is definitely calling my name! Is this Carma? After having to deal with the central heat spider zone, our 18 degree mornings, and breaking ice for the critters, I feel that I am being handed the 'Golden Girl Ticket'! Yippy! Miss Rebs has scheduled us for pedis and minis on Friday. Should I take my cowgirl boots? They are pretty cool! Seriously. They are Ariat Fat Babys, and have an ostrich leather 'look' lower portion and sea-breeze blue upper with stars! Or how about my faux turquoise studded flip flops? Decisions, Decisions..

OK friends! I'll catch you all later when I return on Monday! Happy trails to you all!

Yep. Gotta go. The Dinner police are calling me.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Cold Toes and No Heat, Going Down Under

The Leaves are gone - Winter is on it's way...

Brr.... My toes are cold!
The latest breakdown here at Casa Sexton is our wood stove... Smoke started coming out the back of our Blaze King on Friday... so we have not had any heat since then... The days warm up nicely, about 1pm.. but when they start at 18 degrees, it's a long wait! We do have central heatas well, but, the main switch is down under the house in the crawl/squat space... spider zone... I was down there in June when I shut the system off! The filters need to be cleaned.. some static electromagnetic system that zaps when things get clogged and it was zapping it's brains out in early June... The filter job has been on my to do list for a few months....

I am sitting here with my long undies under my sweats.. and my toes and nose and fingers are still cold... and I am just sick and tired of being cold! Brr!!
So, I'm going to suck it up, and go down under the house... into the crawl space...pull out the filters, vacume the inards of the system, come back up and wash the filters, then go back down again, assemble it all and flip the switch...
ACK! I HATE SPIDERS!!! Wish me luck....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Ghouls and Gals

Here We Are!

Andi (me), Jake (Zombie) Sami

Back Seat Shot! - Heading to Union Hotel Haunted House

Sami & Jake At the Hotel's Trick or Treat

I have a chocolate hangover... Not Fun! Man! That stuff is dangerous!
We left yesterday at 5pm for our big adventure and got home at 9pm. First was the trick-or-treat - about 10 different rooms at the hotel were sponsored by various businesses that handed out candy.. Not a major killing for serious candy hogs, but perfect for us. Some of the folks were very generous with cute little prizes and tasty goodies and some of the sponsors dressed in costumes as well. My kind of folks - let's get into it! The kids also got new toothbrushes and I was impressed that they actually used them last night! What good kids..

The Haunted House was another story... Sami definitely did not like the haunted house. It was too scary for her, poor little thing! There was a gorilla in a cage, that came out and scared us. And numerous pirates that snuck up behind us.. Sami did not like the gorilla, and she was afraid all night. For the most part, a great Haunted House with the Dead Men Tell No Tales theme.. At the end they lined us up to shoot us - with water guns... Totally ruined my 1 hour makeup job! Right in the eyes! And they kept on shooting! Darn those stinkin' pirates!

After the Hotel we hooked up with some of our friends for dinner at the Haines Steak House. That was my favorite part! Good food, good drink, and good friends...

All in all, it was a wonderful night. Another one come and gone.
I've got a joke for you....
Knock Knock.
Who's There?

Boo Hoo! Sigh. Guess I have to wait another year to get dressed up!