Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year is Coming to a Close! Out wtih 2010 and in with 2011!


I have spent most of today trying to cram in the rest of my 2010 obligations, such as, bank deposits that need to be posted in 2010 (Oops.  The bank closed at 1pm!), and, are you ready for this???  I finally finished our Christmas Card for 2010 - just seconds ago!  It's actually now a 'highlights of 2010' card... oh well!

So, before we enter into 2011, I just want to say 'Thank You' to those of you, my friends and family members that visit my blog and take the time to leave a sweet comment!  You sure make me feel happy and not so 'alone' out here on the ranch!

I won't be doing a 'top ten cards' or 'top ten' layouts post. And, I am too darn lazy to share right now my top 10 events of 2010.  I mean, I would like to do these things, but I have a boatload of prep to get done before the New Year gets here!

I will say I am happy that I fullfilled my Project12 Resolution and look forward to doing the same thing in 2011!

I have a few things on my 2011 list that I will share tomorrow, but for now, I gotta get going to prep for Sami's big birthday event tomorrow!  Like, making the cake, and cleaning, and squeezing in some fun family time!

Woo Hoo!

Catch you all next year!

December Daily, Day 3 - A beautiful bright and sunny day! (Dec. 31 2010 posted)

Day 3 - Click to Enlarge. This is one of my Favorite!

 Hello blog friends!  Here is the hybrid layout from Day 3.  This is definately one of my favorites.  The SUN was out!  During the winter the sun is not out very often (snow, clouds, fog, inversion) and when it is my heart just sings!

Left Side Page: Photos: (from top left and going clockwise):  1. View of the Mountains and back fence to the yard, 2. view of the back of our house, 3. Sami's Ducks out in the 'free range chicken's pen before they got moved to their winter house, 4.  The new advent calendar blocks I made at  Stamp Camp (supplies are all Stampin' Up) and my Willow Tree Ornament - upstairs by my 'office'.  Left Side Supplies:  Ali Edwards templates, and Martha Stewart baker's twine.  

Right Side Page Supplies:  Basic Grey patterned papers! Yummy!  Right Side Journaling: 
December 3rd, Friday.  Beautiful. Bright sunshine on snow, all day long!
Sourdough pancakes in the am.  This is usually Dick’s winter tradition – when someone remembers the night before to ‘feed’ the batter.  Sami is our sourdough pancake girl.  She was refusing to let me have a pancake – since she made them. Then I reminded her that I cook her breakfast most days!  I managed to get 2 pancakes out of the bargaining agreements.
About 10am I helped Sami get 'ready' to bring goats into the scale house... A friend about 30 miles away is renting Sami’s Billy Goat (his name is Billy) to breed her girls.  Good God..did I mention our big storm earlier in the week?  We had to do a lot of snow shoveling – and not ‘walkway’ stuff – but ranch stuff.  As in, getting the gates clear so a truck and trailer could drive through the headquarters, and all the gates to the corrals so the goats could be herded from one pen to the other. We also had to drive out on the quad to the Pratt field.. but we forgot the snow shovels, so we used our  feet and some heavy heaving on the gates to clear two sets out there.  All that and… the goats did not want to come in.  We did entice them through one field, Sami had grain and was leading them.  But, they spooked and ran back through the fence!   My back hurts from pushing gates in snow! 
We got home (2 miles from the headquarters) and shared our defeat.  Ramon, our hired hand got the job.  Dick called him.  Sami and I went back down to the headquarters about 2pm to help load up Billy. 
I put up all the outdoor Christmas decor!  Fa la la la la.  They look awesome with the snow! 
Sami made brownies at night.. little chef! 
Hmm.. I see Toy Story 3 is available on pay-per-view. Note to self:  We must watch it!

And, following is my blog Diary Post that I saved in draft form: (most of this iwas captured above so I deleted it). 

Outdoor Christmas Decor all done! Fa la la la la.  Need photos.

Talked on the phone w/ Michele.  ODA F2S.. and Tia Upstream Public Health.. Love this job!!!

Sami made brownies at night.. little chef! 

Hmm.. I see Toy Story 3 is available on pay-per-view. Note to self:  We must watch it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Daily - Day 2 (published on Dec. 30, 2010)

Day 2 - Click to Enlarge

 My photos for Day 2 really show 'the snow' from our storm and  the events of Day1! Photos are of the kids catching the bus at the end of our drive; breakfast goodies; the llama and sheep, and my chores outfit!

Supplies: Page 1 & Page 2 are templates from Ali Edwards. Again, I used some of the Prima flocked alphas - they say 'daily' down there by the #2. Patterned paper is My Mind's Eye. I also used some October Afternoon stickers.  The journaling for my Daily routine on the page says: "4am:  Start the fire in the woodstove; clean and prep kitchen.  Breakfast? Today?  Delayed!  Snow Storm.  Egg Nog in Coffee.  Shoved snow.  Haul water to chickens.


And, here is the diary/journal that I saved in my blog as a draft: 

 Drove over the mountain to La Grande  to work.. snowing here, raining there!
We have about a foot of snow now.
Snowpacks.. my shoes for winter.

Took lots of photos this am:)

It's pitch black at  I want to record sunset and sunrise.....
More wood in the garage!  Yeah!  We were very low...

Jake:  He was real upset when he came home.  After some coaxing, and in private, he shared a story about a bully.  What is a mom to do?  A kid corners him in the locker room. Just the two of them.  The bully says sexually nasty things.  Things that a boy should not talk about if he is raised in a good home.  No witnesses... (Note:  After talking w/ Jake, I spoke the coach about this.  The coach said he would keep an eye out, try and walk through the locker room, and he talked to the entire team about being a team, and respecting each other, and looking out for each other.) The bully was recently transferred to our school, and is in Sami's grade - older than Jake.  The bullying occurs when the bus boys are done w/ basketball practice. The bully is also on the team, but never makes it to any games.   Jake and this other kid are the only ones who leave early from practice to catch the bus and that is when it happens.  I spoke to Jake, and he did not want to create a scene - he didn't want a 'meeting' with parents and kids, he did not want to stay late and have me pick him up to avoid the locker scenes, and he did not want to quit the team.  What a big boy.  I asked him if I could talk with the coach, since the coach is in charge of the safety of all the team at that time and it is creepy for a bully to be sneaky like this without witnesses.  It's not an attention thing, in my opinion, it could be signs of bad things happening to the boy at home.  And I told that to Jake.  He let me talk to the coach.  Each day I checked in with Jake after school to see how it was going.  The peak was during this time - early December, and then it died down.  I think between the coach, and my giving Jake the power to have choices and knowing an adult was backing him up, helped.  Scary stuff. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily - Day 1 & Tim Holtz 12 Tags

Day 1 (Click on Image to Enlarge!)

 Hello friends!
I am now going to share with you my December Daily Album!  Not sure if I will share one page a day, or several.  Today, I am just sharing one.
The photos on the left are of a gift 'a salt box' one of my sweet customers gave me for Christmas.  She got it in Bali, while away on a 2-year detail in Singapore.  She is one of my Boise Customers, Thank you, Elaine!.  On the right, you can barely see the title 'First Gift' - in white flocked alphas from Prima.  Yummmm!

And, these pages have absolutely nothing to do with the 'diary' post below!  But, I wanted to capture my first gift in the album:)


Below are the actual blog notes I wrote on December 1st.

December 1st -  Daily Diary
I'm just writing thoughts right now!  Capturing some ideas...

Approach to December Daily:  Ali Edwards - December Daily Dec. 1
Just one story a day!  Love it...

So.. which story????
Today is December first... And it came with a BANG!  At 6am we got the 'all call' phone call from school.  School is delayed for 2 hours due to last night's huge honking snow storm.  The kids were released early yesterday, but did not get home until late.  Bad roads.  I had breakfast ready at 5:45am. Oatmeal with raisins and cranberries, and sliced apples on the side.  The kids opted to sleep in an extra hour.

My morning?  Up at 4:00 am.  Started a fire in the woodstove, made coffee, cooked breakfast.  The usual.

Then caught Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas - Day 1!  Giddy... I just love sneaking up to the computer once all my indoor chores are done, with my first cup of coffee (today I put Eggnog in!) and seeing what Tim has to share!  (Note:  later I found out I was a winner from Tim's day 1 comments!)...

Fa la la la la!

Note: Tim's Tag: I want to put a scene behind the house windows... a peek at Christmas! 

Outdoor chores:  Phew.. boatloads of snow.  I sweated when hauling water to the chickens.  Shoveled snow out front.  Man, I am out of shape!

Lunch with Ann Louden - she is leaving for 6 weeks to take care of a friend who had a lung transplant. Ann is an Angel.  Talk about giving of one self.

today was 'Cut and color' day.  My hair.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Share the Magic - December 12th

Just thought I would share a sweet little thing I found in my blog reader this Sunday morning:)

Listen, Up, People! Santa's Coming Tomorrow!

( Be sure to click on the video to get the full effect!!!)

Do you know Santa, too?  I hope so!!!!!

I have always had a special spot in my heart for Santa! Hope you do too!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Blogging... Some Shares! Top 9 Favorite Inspirations

What have I been up to?  Fa la la la la!  

Fun stuff!!!!  

I've been blogging every single day... But, you have not seen the posts! 

What I do is journal about the day.  I capture the stories for my Dec. Daily album.

I take photos.  And work on the album - ever so slowly. 

Nothing has been posted 'here yet' - but I am working on it!  So many fun things going on!!!

So.. to hold you over.. I thought I would share some very favorite inspiring sites that I have been enjoying this month:  Now, don't get me wrong.. I have LOTS of favorites, but right now, today, these are getting me very very inspired! 

1.  Tim's 12 Days of Tags - Every Single Day.  More Ideas for my projects!

2.  Sues' version of the tags... Breathtaking.  This lady is one of my absolute favorite artists! 

3.  Louise's versions of the tags.  She is right up there with Sue!  Her post yesterday cracked me up!!!

4.  Ali Edwards December Daily Posts - and her entire blog.  Love what this gal does.

5.  Virginia's Wednesday Cookies and Cards... Today's is on this weekend's cooking list!!!!

6.  Nichol's December Daily Album and her blog.  She is super talented!  I love her scrapbook pages, classes, and this album captures 'her' style!

7.  Ellen Hutson's Classroom Take on Tims Tags - The Feminine Version.  I'm linking Becky's tag with the Hero Arts stamp House.. Oh I am a sucker for houses!!!! LOVE this tag!!!  Love Ellen's store and goodies!  She is one of the Hero Arts Stamps 'party hosts' this Friday!  Yippeee!

8.  The Hero Arts Blog - Inspiration Station.  Every week and every day new goodies to see.  Two challenges a month, very generious donations, and this Friday is the big catalog reveal and parties!!!

9.  This Sneak Peak at Paper Trey- Oh my gosh... Did I mention I have a 'thing' for houses???? I am wanting this already!  The designer is one of my all time favorite vintage meets shabby artists... Melissa Phillips.  Can't wait!

Catch you all later!  I have to go photograph some lights in my daughters bedroom... Christmas lights from yesterday's December Daily favorites!!!

Fa la la la la!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mrs. Claus' Workshop.. Day 2 - Featuring.... December Daily - First 5 Pages

One of my Digi Pages: AE Template & Digi items from Creativity by Crystal

Another Page featuring: AE Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

Same Formula: Ali Edwards Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams

AETemplate + Creativity by Crystal

AE Layered Template + Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

Supplies: I am using this 12x12 layered templates kit - and I resized the images to 6x8

Supplies: This kit for my foundation pages -  resized to 6x8  - and I printed the first 5 on vanilla card stock

Supplies:  Mindy Terasawa's Christmas Dreams Kit

 My crafty zone is a disaster!  Today's focus (actually, yesterday, Saturday) was purely daily.... As in the December Daily project inspired by Ali Edwards.

Progress: I am on page 6 of 'just' my foundation pages.  Meaning, the 2-page spread that will hold journaling/stuff on one side (foundation page with the number down in the right corner), and a cute, digi page for the right side that I will add photos to in some of the boxes whereI currently have digi papers (Note:  I filled in most of the boxes 'just in case' my photos are smaller, or I want to put something else there, like, ticket stubs, are receipts, or lists... This way I am 'ahead' of the curve!).

Note:  These pages are currently made and printed at 6x8, but, after a night of 'sleeping on it' I think I will mount them on 8.5 x 11 Kraft cardstock and make my finished album at 8.5 x 11. 

And, this album will be a hybrid project.  Meaning, some digi mixed with some real sweet traditional supplies that are in my stash!

So.. after 5 hours, why am I only on page 6?????

I got side-tracked! 
  •  I got lost 'loving' on some of the digi goodies I purchased from Designer Digitals (note: purchased during the last quarter sale - no Black Friday stuff). 
  • I am LOVING the Christmas Dreams Kit' by Mindy Terasawa.  It's from 2008, and available at Designer Digitals.  I LOVE the patterned papers!  There are so many different things on one sheet - which works great for the whole 'template masking' thing. Meaning, you can use different parts of a page to fill in 'windows' on a template.  Fun.Fun.Fun. Super fun.  

  • And I am loving the free Christmas goodies from Creativity by Crystal.  The Write.Click.Scrapbook blog hosted some of Crystals goodies and tons of giveaways from her.  They are so adorable! You might recognize 'her style' on my blog design.  Yep.  Her goodies!  You can find more of her goods at the Jessica Sprague store... Yum.Yum.Yum. 

Technical Things that delayed my progress:
  •  Ali's instructions in her template files do not work with my version of PSE6.  I use Cathy Z's instructions instead.  Which work perfectly!
  • When it came time to print... I had 'issues'.  My printer hates cardstock.  I have to feed one sheet at a time, and print real slow and on super best quality.  Pffft.

  • I ran out of my very favorite photo paper,  (HP - Premium Semi Gloss, 6.5 mil) and had to use what was in stock at our local office supply store, which is Kodak glossy stuff, and my colors are not printing right!
These things are enough to drive a girl crazy and make you want to ... scream!

But, I thought I would share with you my progress and what I have been doing!   

Thanks for the visit:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks 2010

I posted my 'giving thanks' post on the ranch blog.  Here you go!

Here is a link:  Winter Shots and Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving 2010 - What a Week!

Thanksgiving Week 2010.
Monday's Drive to Boise - 3 hours each way.  This is 'our' road - ranch is on the left. My wipers were frozen!

Town. Shopping for our Thanksgiving Meal.  Oh gosh!  some blue sky!  Yipee!!!

Prepping Dinner: Brussel Sprouts off the stalk!  Leg of lamb in back

The Poker players - enjoying fancy drinks and appetizers before dinner.  The poker chips are antiques!

A shot of the cutting boards made by Jake (holding the desserts) and Sami - the board in back

Jake is in charge of researching the rules

Desserts Made by Sami!The leftover filling was turned into little itty bitty pie snacks!  She also whipped the cream and topped everything before we dug in.

The night time Poker Players - dessert was eaten at this time, then they had leftovers!

My antique sifter!

I made an Apple Pie, today, a day late.  The crew was missing it!  Made with our apples.

What I will remember.. (this is for my memory for a future layout!  Please excuse the length!)...

  1. Our coldest November yet!  A week's worth of frigid temps.. Waking to minus 10, or zero, and today, the high was 10.  Breaking ice each day.  Hauling water to the range free chickens - which are still out far in their field, and snow on the ground.  Monday I drove To Boise.  That night and the next day we had a Winter Storm Warning.  Portland got hit, Seattle got hit.  Us?  Cold and Snow.  As long as we have heat, we are fine.  Just keep the wood-stove burning 24/7!  
  2. Water buckets get filled in the house.  The outside faucets are frozen up.
  3. I moved our 15 year old dog, Ernest, into the house Monday night.  He was shaking on the front porch - while sleeping.  He is now in one of the barns, cozy, with blankets, and a heat lamp (he is babysitting the baby chicks!). 
  4. On Nov. 20th, Dick brought home some beautiful purple artichokes and some Brussel sprouts still on the stalk - from the Portland PSU Saturday Market (he is a vendor - still selling this time of year!)  for our Thanksgiving Meal.
  5. 100 new baby Roade Island Red chicks were shipped to us on Monday, Nov. 22nd.  They were to arrive on Wed., the day before Thanksgiving. 
  6. On that Wednesday, at 7:30 am, I got into my Eskimo gear, drove on icy roads to the Post Office, seven miles away, and the chicks were not there.
  7. Dick called the shipper.  The truck broke down on Monday, and the chicks were transfered on an Express Mail Truck.  There is no such thing as Express Mail where we live.
  8. Our Haines PO lady called the Pendleton Post Office - the nearest Hub.  Nope.  No Chicks.  I called the Pendleton folks.  Express arrives at 10:30am, or 8:00 pm or 10:00 pm.  This lady was no lady when I talked with her.  Grump!  Gave her my phone number and asked if she would call us at 10:30 am.  She never called.
  9. At 11:00 am, since no call, I called the Pendleton office, again.  A man answered.  I shared our story.  He was very sympathetic.  He took my number, and called Portland, the other stop for Express before coming to Pendleton.  He called back. The chicks were in Portland!  Next step:  To Pendleton, and arrive at 10:30 pm.  For us? We had to drive to get them. Over two mountain passes.  In frigid weather.  But, the clearest night of the week!
  10. Still Wednesday. I did our Thanksgiving Meal shopping.  Home at 5pm.  Made a nice dinner of lamb chops, artichokes,and  rice. Movie Night. National Treasure.  Hmm.. almost as good as Thanksgiving!
  11. Pendleton is 1.5 hours away.  Dick and Sami left at 9:15 pm.  I took a nap at 8pm and woke at 9pm stayed up - to be their support.  I cleaned the oven, set the Thanksgiving Table, drank coffee, finished a layout, and blog surfed.  I actually saw Tim's big announcement!!!!!  At 12:07am!!!!  Me!
  12. At 11pm  Sami called.  They had the chicks and were on their way home! (Reminder:  There is a whole story about there trip - to be written)..
  13. At 12:30 pm they got home. Dick set the chicks up in the barn with food, electrolites, and a heat lamp, and Earnest - their babysitter.
  14. All to bed.  I wore a beanie - our room is the coldest in the house. My daily attire now includes long under gear.  Night-time includes socks in bed!
  15. Thanksgiving Day:  We all slept in! Tired.  At 7am I made a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and mexican rice for the crew.  I stayed in the kitchen most of the morning!  Dinner was at 1pm. 
  16. Our dinner?  A true bounty.  Leg of Lamb (ours), brussel sprouts, garlic mashed potatoes with cream cheese (yummmmm!), salad, Sami's pumpkin pies, relish plate of pickled Okra, pickled baby corns, olives, and pickles from the Portland market.  Special drinks:  Cider for the kids, fancy wines for adults!
  17. Appetizers and drinks and Poker until dinner was ready. 
  18. Naps until 4pm!
  19. Chores. Poker. Leftovers. Pie.  I just had pie:)
  20. Around the table giving thanks?  Food and a warm house.  Unanimous!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Project 12 - October 2010

The October Project 12 Sketch

My Layout - Click on images to enlarge and see all those fun photos!

A Closeup of some fun elements - dark purple pearls and a super cute 'press on'!

Another Closeup of another rubon, some cool rick rack ribbon, and pearls and those purple thickers!

OK!  So this is only 4 days late:).  I'm getting closer and closer to catching up!  Although, I did skip September.  I'll come back to it!

As a reminder, Project12 is a monthly sketch challenge hosted over at the Scrapbook and Cards Today Blog.  There is a link over on the right side on my blog to go to their site and learn more about it.  I have to tell you.. I am getting more comfortable with 2-page layouts and I am getting them done faster!  Becky's sketches are fun to work with, so much, that I purchased the 2011 calendar they are selling on their blog/website!  I can't wait to get it!  An actual scrapbook calendar with sketches that I can hang over my scrappy zone! 

I love this layout.  Oh my gosh.. all of these fun papers, and colors and photos just were fun to play with!  I love the photos of the pumpkins that my kids carved, and of them out in their costumes (my 'sitters' took the photos - I was out of town in CA) and of Sami's nails - which she did herself!

Supplies Used:
Patterned Papers:  Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket, Dream Street Papers LLC, and a Digital patterned paper  that I did my journaling on by Celeste Rockwood Jones of Design, Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Note:  I am having issues with my printer.  I can't feed thick cardstock or photo paper through it!  Arrrrrr.  I have destroyed many a cute patterned paper!  Any hints???
Card Stock: Stampin' Up
Embellishments:  Pink Paislee Rubons; Queen and Co. Dark Purple Pearls, American Crafts Dear Lizzy Thickers, and purple glittery rick rack ribbon purchased off a reel at a lss.

And, here is the journaling:

October 2010.

Turning to Fall.  Some days are spent picking apples off the trees and storing them for winter breakfasts, and the start of sourdough pancakes. 
Fluctuating weather.  18 degrees, 70 degrees.
The end of the Farmers Markets (ours).
Saying goodbye to soccer, and starting basketball and dance - both new for the kids this year.
Shorter days (which means darker mornings - yuck!)  Neither of which is a good thing in our book.
And, then the real fun begins.. kicking off the holiday season - starting with Halloween!
Carving pumpkins at the Maxwell’s - it was raining so we did it in the shop.  Power tools came out again...
 I traveled to CA.  Flew into Sacramento.  Did ‘the trip’ with Erin, my BFF of 30 years.  We were in Davis, San Carlos and Half Moon Bay.  A great trip, but the reason was to celebrate the life of one of our own.  Bittersweet.  And, I missed Halloween!  The first time in my kid’s lives.
The kids got to trick-or-treat twice - downtown in Baker with the two sweet gals that watched them overnight - and then on Halloween, in North Powder.
This October? A busy month.  A sad month.  And, life just rolls on. 

Thanks for visiting sweet friends!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Mind's Eye - Challenge #17 - Sketch & 'Lessons Learned' Theme

The challenge this month at the My Mind's Eye blog is to follow a sketch, and use the theme 'lessons learned'.

Sketch for Challenge 17 My Mind's Eye Blog
View One - Showing you some of the gorgeous MME elements I used

View 2:  More Elements and a peek at my hidden journaling

View 3 - My accordion style hidden journaling

My Interpretation of the Sketch

Products Used:  MME: Lost and Found Union Square designer papers, 'moments' buttons, 'favorite' brads, 'Beautiful Day' Trims - twine, and die cut accessories.  I also used Cosmo Cricket tiny type letters.  And, my journaling was written in word, printed out on regular paper, and distressed with Ranger Distress ink and adhered to one of the Union Square designer papers. 
To see the challenge and other entries, go here:  My Mind's Eye Blog . I just have to say, I really enjoy this blog!  Such great 'life' stories are being shared through scrapbooking.  And that is what it's all about!  

Here is my hidden journaling:
Dorothy had it right.  There’s no place like home.  I found that out when I ‘went home’ after 20 something years to help celebrate the life of one of our own. A bittersweet reunion, you might say.
This group of friends, ‘Our Gang’, as we call ourselves, has known each other for decades.  We tore up the town when we were in High School and in our early 20’s.  We caused a lot of mischief and ironically we would be appalled if our children ever walked in our footsteps!  Gradually we went our own ways – college, other towns, other States, other lives, and new families.  And here we are, 25 years later. Still the same.  Still caring for one another.  Still there for each other.  And still, family. 
What lessons have I learned?  I learned that my heart can still skip a beat when I am in the same room with some of ‘our boys’.  I found out that my BFF, will always be my BFF, and through all the curve balls we have been thrown, we will always love each other.  I found out, that I can be myself, in my own skin, and love it, and this group just accepts me for who I am.  And, I found out, that no matter what happens in my own personal life, no matter how far removed from ‘our home’, this group of special friends, will always be there to celebrate life, as we each choose to live it.    Andi.  November 18, 2010. 

Getting personal - more on the layout story... Last month one of our friends passed away from pancreatic cancer.  We all knew she was ill, and had planned a get-together to celebrate with her, the last weekend of October.  She wanted to celebrate in Half Moon Bay, CA, which is 'over the hill' from where we all grew up in San Carlos, CA.  We planned this for about a month, and that very week, on Wednesday, our good friend Judy passed away.  Those of us that could, still stuck with the plan to celebrate.  And, I am so glad we did.  It was a very emotional weekend - most of my friends are avid SF Giants Fans, and the world series was going on as well!   I flew down from Oregon, and another one of our friends flew in from Washington.  And, I landed in Sacramento and stayed with and carpooled with my BFF Erin whom I have known since I was my daughter's age!  12!!!!   We were maids of honor for each other's weddings. 
Anyway, this last month has been very emotional for me.  I got to catch up with great friends, see my BFF and say goodbye to one of our own.  You know, we miss so many opportunities to just be with the people we grew up with - the people that really know us - because of our own individual lives. And you know what?  Life is short.  Take those opportunities.  You will be so glad you did!
Thanks for visiting... 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project 12 - August, 2010 - Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

August Sketch - Project 12

My Interpretation of the sketch
Ah yes.. Another Project 12 layout!

About Project 12:
Each month Becky Fleck creates a sketch for a 'make a layout once a month' challenge, hosted by Design Team Member, Divinie, over at the Scrapbook and Cards Today Blog.  I'm getting caught up!  This was one of my New Year's Resolutions, if you recall!  Only 2 more to go and I am caught up!

Supplies Used:
CS and little scallop punch: Stampin' Up
Big Scallop Embossing Punch:  EK Success
Patterned Papers: October Afternoon & Cosmo Cricket
Stamp:  Kim Hughes Spring Trees (Cornish Heritage Farms, so sorry they are no longer!)
Ink:  Stampin' Up and Ranger
Embellishments:  Cosmo Cricket and goodies from my Midnight Rooster Kits!

See the Vintage label above my journaling?  It used to say 'Hudson' but I cut it out with a craft knife, and put 'Missouri' in it instead!  Added a little distress ink to try and make it blend better than white.

Journaling Reads:
August 2010
      For our big summer vacation, the kids and I went to Missouri to visit our favorite auntie, Paula!   We flew into St. Louis and had a week of blissful days.  Her apartment was right against a creek. Oh the sounds of the cicadas!  I LOVE the sounds of the insects. The weather was wonderful with just a touch of humidity! 
     We got our school shopping done at Chesterfield, Mall where I used to work when I was in High School! And low and behold, they now have an Arichvers!!! 
     We showed the kids our old home, our schools and the Lake where we played.
      We spent most of the time at Tan Tar A, a Resort at Lake of the Ozarks.  We each had ‘our day of saying what activities we would do.
Jake: Bears Den Arcade
Sami: The Indoor Waterpark
Paula:  Poolside, with cocktails!
Me:  Golfing! 

      We were poolside daily, and had a blast.  We also found outlet stores and Sami was in heaven with a visit to Aeropostale.  And, every single day, we made sure we ate ice-cream.
Lake of the Ozarks

To go to project12, click on the Project12 button over on the right in my sidebar.  It will take you to the Scrapbook and Cards Today Blog and give you all the scoop!

Thanks for visiting!

Today is Veteran's Day... Thank You to all!

David Paul Walsh - My Father - A Marine

I come from a family of women... I have three sisters.  My father was the sericeman in our family. He was  a Marine.  He went to Korea, but I don't know if he ever fought.  It's a mystery in our family.  He did not speak of these things. Some stories we just don't know, which is one reason I try to capture our stories when I scrapbook.  My father died in 1990 - but not from anything related to his service to our country. 

I would like thank all of our servicemen, servicewomen and their families that sacrifice for us.  That are sacrificing right now, so that we may enjoy the warmth of our homes, the closeness of loved ones, our freedom to choose what jobs we want to work at, where we want to live, what we want to learn, and who we want to represent us when we vote.

We are lucky.  We are blessed.

If your family is one that is giving on our behalf, I thank you.

If one of your family members is deployed right now, my prayers are with his/her safety, and your peace.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Project 12 - July, 2010 - Silver Lake, CA

July Sketch - Project 12

My Interpretation of the Sketch

Close Up of some of the elements

Another Close Up
Things are finally slowing down for me and I am catching up on my Project 12 layouts!  Today I finished up my July layout of our trip to Silver Lake, CA.

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I LOVE the 2nd page of this 2 page spread.  I printed the photo of the sailboat out in black and white, and gosh, it just makes my spirit happy! 

Supplies Used:
Bazzill, (textured) and Stampin' Up (black) cardstock
Creative Imaginations Patterned Paper (butterflies)
Crystal Stickers Black Pearls
October Afternoon ticket stub stickers (October Midnight Rooster Kit)
Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch
Stampin' Up Border Punches

Journaling reads:

July 2010 –
When Dick was young, he spent his summer’s at Silver Lake, in CA near Susanville.  The family cabin was sold long ago, and late July we found out his sister had it for a week!  With just 2 weeks to plan, each of our kids got to invite a guest and we hit the road! 
The drive was long. From Eastern Oregon to Burns Oregon to Alturas, CA and then to the Susanville area.  And getting to the lake?  Practically impossible!  If it wasn’t for a paper pie plate, we would have missed the turnoff!
Sami and Jake got to do all the things their daddy did during his summer months.  They sailed, they paddled canoes, they hiked to the small lakes nearby, they roasted marshmallows at night, and Jake got to climb the rocks across the lake and even found the cave where his Grandfather and his dad both had written their names.  Jake got to write his name also.  
                With no electricity, or even cell phone service we were off the grid.  We managed just fine with antique gas lamps and wood-heated cook stoves.  The best part?  Seeing Dick be a kid again!

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